Former NWA Tag Champion Rips Ric Flair And The Horsemen, Talks Heat With Tully, Why TNA Is 'Gone'

His view of TNA's current product:

"TNA is gone. TNA has been gone before it got started. You have a company where half the guys are paying their own expenses, renting themselves out to make money on the side. TNA is non-existent. It's like you have Major League Baseball and they have Triple A, TNA is single A. It's not even Double A in wrestling, it's that bad, but the shame is, they have the talent, but they just don't have an idea."

Not winning the Crockett Cup due to a backstage fight between he and Tully:

"I just got sick of seeing him and his little horseman always kissing up to Jim Crockett. it just happened that one day, I don't know what happened. We were all there and him and Lex Luger came by, they showed up. They walked into our dressing room. Me and Rude, we liked to dress with the underneath guys. we just sat away from Dusty, put it that way. Everyone else had to sit by Dusty. They made the mistake if turning into our dressing room, so I said, 'Hey, this isn't your dressing room, the ass kissers are on top.' Well, he responded back with the wrong word and once that word came out, I just snapped. The only thing that saved his life, because when Lex Luger turned to come back in, Rude stood up and said, 'Where do you think you're going?' And Lex Luger took off running, that tells you what a coward he is. But the only thing that saved Tully that day was the Barbarian. If it wasn't for the Barbarian pulling me off him, I'd have never stopped beating him. I had already broken his glasses and I probably would've killed him."

Bruiser Brody's tragic death and going to Puerto Rico to get revenge:

"My background is being a navy seal and being a part of a brotherhood. You don't let that brother go down without you. I just went down there and took care of some business, because that is a brother. Like I just said a while ago, it's the same thing. If something is done to a brother, you go back and exact a little revenge for a brother. You get a little pay back, plain and simple. you have to ask yourself, how many of these guys are really legit? How many of these guys would go to another country to try and get payback. so there you go."

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