- We see Bobby Roode backstage talking to BroMans. Austin Aries walks up and he's concerned about Dixie saying she has an insurance policy. Aries says he's supposed to be her insurance policy. They all argue and Roode says Aries will be the one starting the match for their team.

- We see footage of Ethan Carter III's recent attack on Kurt Angle as Tenay talks about Angle needing surgery. We go to the cage and out comes Ethan for his open challenge. Ethan starts out his speech with "I had a dream" and talks about how he always wanted to face the best. He starts talking about Kurt Angle. Ethan says Angle has lost his passion and his heart but EC3 never will. Ethan says he's issued an open challenge for any one on the TNA roster to face him. The music hits and out comes Bobby Lashley to a big pop. Ethan says no because Lashley isn't on the roster. Ethan runs his mouth and says he knows for a fact Lashley doesn't have a contract so the match isn't happening. Ethan threatens Lashley. Ethan continues running his mouth in Lashley's face. Ethan swings and Bobby ducks before hitting a big running powerslam. Bobby with a big spear to send Ethan running from the cage. Lashley hits the turnbuckles to pose for the fans.

- We get a Kenny King return vignette.

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