As noted, Batista was involved in an incident at ringside with local radio DJ Cam Carson at WWE's live event in Winnipeg this weekend. It was believed that the incident was planned as Carson's employer was the main local sponsor for the live event. According to a fan in attendance, the two began arguing before Batista's match against Big Show. When Batista turned to enter the ring, the man hit Batista in the back. This caused Batista to shove him back int his chair. Carson tried hopping the rail but security stopped him and talked to him. After the match, Batista flipped Carson off, which led to Carson trying to hop the rail again but this time he was escorted out by security.

Word is that the incident was not planned by WWE and that Carson was intoxicated. He was legitimately escorted out of the building by security after the incident.

A mother of two kids wrote to Carson on Twitter and said that they were trampled on during the incident. She noted that her 11 year old son left the arena with a limp and was forced to sit on the bench during his local playoff hockey game the next day. Carson apologized to the mother. He says he will speak on the incident Monday morning so stay tuned for an update.

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