WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Hogan And Cena, Daniel Bryan Gets His Wish(es), 'Taker

- Back from the break and out comes The Undertaker.

Taker makes his grand entrance and the fans cheer as he takes the mic. There's a purple light over the ring. Fans chant for Taker but before he can speak, Paul Heyman appears on the stage. Heyman apologizes if his presence has updated Taker's train of thought. Heyman introduces himself to Taker but at least calls him sir. Heyman praises The Streak. Heyman points out that Mr. WrestleMania Shawn Michaels himself could never win 2 WrestleMania victories in a row. Heyman say similar facts about Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and John Cena. Austin's name got a big pop. Heyman praises The Streak some more. Heyman asks Taker not to step in the ring with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX because the WWE fans need to worship The Streak. Heyman says even he worships Taker and The Streak after last year. Heyman says Lesnar will end The Streak, even though he's stepping into the unknown at WrestleMania. Heyman says it's an unknown that Taker needs to fear, not Lesnar. Heyman says if Taker steps in the ring with Lesnar, The Streak will be conquered.

Taker tells Heyman to take a message to Lesnar about the fear of the unknown being the greatest fear of them all. Taker tells Heyman to tell Lesnar that if he shows up at WrestleMania, he will rest... in... peace. Taker's music hits and Heyman makes his exit.

- Still to come, Batista and Orton vs. Show and Bryan. Up next, The Brotherhood vs. The Shield. Back to commercial.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Back from the break and out comes Cody Rhodes and Goldust. The Shield comes out next through the crowd.

Back and forth to start but The Brotherhood takes control of Rollins and works him over. Rollins drops Cody in the corner and tags in Reigns. Reigns drops Cody and covers for a 2 count. Reigns takes Cody back to the corner and beats him down. Reigns with more offense on the ropes. Rollins tags in for a big right hand off the top. Rollins with a takedown and a knee to the face for a 2 count. Reigns comes back in but misses a big right hand in the corner. Goldust tags in and unloads with clotheslines on Reigns. Goldust with the big right hand and a shot to Rollins. Goldust nails a spinebuster for a 2 count.

Goldust with a crossbody on both men. Cody and Goldust send Rollins and Reigns to the floor. They both then leap out and clean house as Ambrose looks on and approaches. We go to commercial with Ambrose threatening to get involved.

Back from the break and Reigns slams Goldust for another 2 count. During the break, Reigns hit a big Samoan Drop on Goldust. Reigns drops Goldust with a big right hand. Rollins tags in and keeps Goldust grounded. Rollins with a jumping forearm in the corner. Reigns runs around and hits his trademark dropkick to the head. Reigns drags Goldust to their corner and Goldust finally moves. He gets up and fights back but Reigns drops him with an elbow for another 2 count. Rollins comes back in and Goldust goes at it with him. Rollins with a kick to the back of the head. Reigns tags back in.

Reigns with kicks in the corner and a running clothesline. Goldust catches Reigns in a big powerslam out of nowhere. Rollins tags and stops Cody from coming in. Goldust kicks him away and tags in Cody. Cody unloads on Rollins and rolls him up for 2. Cody drops down with the right hand. Cody blocks a move and hits a Disaster Kick on Reigns. Rollins runs into a boot. Cody nails a moonsault on Rollins for a 2 count. Cody blocks a kick and nails a right hand. Cody with a Musclebuster for a close 2 count as Reigns breaks the pin. Goldust dropkicks Reigns to the floor. Rollins sends Goldust out. Cody and Rollins collide. Reigns and Goldust come back in. Reigns spears Goldust. Cody dumps Reigns to the floor. Rollins blocks CrossRhodes and blocks a Disaster Kick. Rollins powerbombs Cody back into the corner and stomps on the back of his head for the win.

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