WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Hogan And Cena, Daniel Bryan Gets His Wish(es), 'Taker

Winners: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

- After the match, Ambrose comes in to celebrate. The Shield stand united as we go to replays.

- Still to come, Sheamus vs. Christian and voting is now open on the WWE App for their stimulation.

The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka

Back from the break and The Bella Twins wait in the ring as Tamina Snuka and Divas Champion AJ Lee make their way out. Natalya is on commentary. Nikki starts off with Tamina and they lock up. Nikki takes it to the ropes and they break. Tamina shoves Nikki twice. Nikki comes back swinging and ducks a clothesline. They trade shots and Nikki tags in Brie for some double teaming. Brie with a running knee to the face. AJ distracts Brie. Brie turns around to a big kick to the face from Tamina. The kick knocks Brie out of the ring and the referee counts. Tamina comes out and throws her back in. Tamina drops Brie and covers for 2.

Tamina keeps control of Brie and tags in AJ for some double teaming. AJ drops Brie with a kick and covers for a 2 count. Brie blocks a DDT attempt but AJ turns it into a chokehold. Brie inches towards Nikki but they break the hold and Brie dropkicks AJ in the face. Nikki tags in and clotheslines AJ. Dropkick by Nikki. Nikki with a flying clothesline in the corner. Nikki runs into a bot in the corner. Nikki with a facebuster for a 2 count as Tamina breaks the pin. Brie leaps out and takes down Tamina on the floor. AJ kicks Brie in the face. AJ with the Black Widow on Nikki but she counters it. Nikki with the Rack Attack for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins

- After the match, The Bellas stand over AJ and Nikki has the title over her shoulder. Natalya gets up and stands on the apron. She stares Nikki down as Nikki poses with the title.

- Cole shows us a preview for USA Network's NCIS:LA. Renee Young is in the crowd with LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell. They talk about being at RAW. She asks if they could recruit one star to join the cast, who would it be and O'Donnell says Cena, LL Cool J says Undertaker or The Bella Twins. They plug the show some more and we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Cole plugs the WWE Network. We see what happened earlier with The Wyatt Family, John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

- We go to the ring and out comes Daniel Bryan. Bryan says the Yes Movement is alive right here in Memphis. He talks about Stephanie apologizing earlier and the crowd boos. Nobody believed it was sincere. Bryan says The Authority wants to scare him into falling in line. He says he should have kicked Triple H in the face a long time ago. Bryan says he will not back down and will fight. Bryan says if they want him to apologize for standing up for himself, he's got one word for them... no! A "no!" chant starts up. Bryan says it ends tonight. He says everyone is tired of Triple H. He says Triple H doesn't listen to anyone but tonight, they're going to make it so Triple H has to listen. Bryan says the Yes Movement is going to occupy RAW tonight. A "yes!" chant breaks out. Bryan says he's not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants - the WrestleMania match with Triple H. Bryan says says he's not alone, he's got the Yes Movement. Bryan says it's unlawful, dangerous and subject to prosecution but he doesn't care. Bryan says he talked to members of the Yes Movement earlier today and wants them to come down. A bunch of fans in Bryan t-shirts start coming over the barrier and into the ring. We go to commercial.

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