As noted earlier, reader Scott Hainge attended the DDP Q&A show in the U.K. last week. He sent these details of DDP discussing his meeting with Vince McMahon when he signed with WWE:

The Big Show, who is one of DDP's best friends, invited DDP backstage to a Smackdown show nine months before he signed with WWE. After Smackdown had finished, The Big Show invited DDP backstage to meet The Rock for the very first time and the two got along right away. DDP and Big Show began to leave after talking for a while and The Rock came out with just his towel on and shouted, "Oh yeah, DDP, there is only one People's Champion!" DDP smiled and quickly replied, "I know Rock, and your looking right at him."

The Big Show cracked up laughing and said to DDP, "no one, and I mean no one, gets one over on Rocky." The Rock just stood there as a few of the boys just looked on. DDP said that he was so encouraged by the backstage chemistry he had with the Rock that it convinced him to join the WWE.

Fast forward, and DDP flew to Stamford with his wife, Kimberley Page, and sat in the office with Vince and Shane McMahon. Vince let DDP have the floor and asked him how he wanted to come in. Page pitched an idea where The Rock would be leaving the ring after a victory on RAW and the lights would go out. They would be out for literally a minute or longer with Jim Ross saying, "I think we have some technically difficulties." They would really play into the "this wasn't meant to happen" angle. DDP wanted it to be the longest pause in WWE TV history, then, with the arena is in total darkness you would hear, "WHO IS THE REAL PEOPLE'S CHAMPION? IT'S ME, IT'S DDP!"

DDP described how he would work with The Rock and put him over at SummerSlam. Vince agreed that it was a great idea, but said that he had one that was even more special than that. He told DDP that he had the crown jewel for him.

Vince talked about a feud with the Undertakerů and his wife. Vince started to describe just how DDP was going to stalk Sara. DDP looked at Vince as if to say, "my wife is sitting right there listening, dude!." DDP said that he noticed Kimberley not being too pleased about the angle, but Vince continued. DDP listened and said that it was great idea, and asked if they did it after the feud with The Rock. Vince said no, and noted that DDP would be a monster heel after his run with 'Taker. As we know now, it didn't quite happen that way.

DDP then admitted that he wished that he had walked away from the Undertaker angle and just waited it out for the WWE to see the potential in the Rock feud.

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