TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Ray Wipes Out Team Dixie, Willow Goes Off And Dixie Is Mourned

Back from commercial:

DJ Z introduces the Bro Mans - the Tag Team Champions. And that horn drives everyone crazy!!!! Tenay says we can't talk over DJ Z.

Next out is Sanada - the new X Division Champion and Tigre Uno.

Tenay hypes the new partnership from Japan with Wrestle 1, and we get a video of of Sanada with Great Muta in Japan.

The Bro Mans vs Sanada and Tigre Uno

Tenay updates us with the news of Sanada defeating Austin Aries in Japan for the X Division title and the Bro Mans regaining their tag team gold.

Bro Mans start strong with DJ Z being obnoxious with the horn. The international team takes over as Sanada back body drops his partner over the top rope onto both members of the Bro Mans. Then Sanada and Uno both hit missile drop kicks from the top rope. Taz says one from Tokyo and one from Mexico.

Sanada then gets the pin after a well done Moonsault.

Winners - Sanada and Tigre Uno

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky in the back discussing Angelina Love.

After the break, Bully Ray decimates Zema and the Bro Mans in the locker room, and then we cut in with "The Creepy Bastard" himself, Samuel Shaw, "supposedly" talking to Christy Hemme saying he will end Ken Anderson once and for all.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 get ready to head to the ring to pay tribute to Dixie Carter.

Samoa Joe in the back looking for EY. Joe finds EY and gives him hell for getting in Joe's business and they have words. Young tells Samoa Joe that EY will be chained to Abyss next Thursday during the TNA Championship Match between Joe and Magnus.

Out comes EC3 and Rockstar Spud with a huge painted portrait of Dixie Carter. Spud starts out the mourning of the loss of the director of operation of Madam Dixie Carter. The crowd chants boring and Taz says they are saying mourning.

EC3 takes the mic and and says the more you chat boring the more Spud wants to cry. To that, the crowd breaks out in Dixie's Lapdog. This is one hot crowd tonight.

Spud continues to whimper about Dixie in a pathetic display of emotion, and announces that he prepared a video for Dixie and then he breaks into sobs as the video starts.

Video ends with #ThankYouDixie.

Spud recites his version of the song Dixie Land...... Look Away Dixieland and MVP saves us all from the horror of listening to Spud.

MVP wants to know who approved the tribute. He then commends Spud for being loyal to Dixie and lets Spud know that he is no longer Chief of Staff and must fulfill his contract as a WRESTLER. Spuds first opponent after being "fired" as Chief of Staff is going to be Willow - tonight.

And for EC3 (C3PO as MVP called him) his opponent next week will be Bobby Lashley. Rockstar Spud gets in Lashley's face and Lashley smashed the portrait of Dixie over Spuds head as the crowd chant's Dixie's Lapdog.

Tenay hypes - Next week it's Bobby Lashley vs EC3.

To the back with JB who interviews EC3 about next week when Bully Ray jumps EC3 and nails Carter with the same sign that Bully Ray was hit with earlier.

Up next: A street fight between Shaw and Anderson.

Shaw enters the ring with half of a red-headed mannequin showing that he really is a Creepy Bastard. Anderson comes out and Shaw ambushes him before he can even get off the stage.

Mr. Anderson vs Samuel Shaw in a Street Fight

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