TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Ray Wipes Out Team Dixie, Willow Goes Off And Dixie Is Mourned

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Ray Wipes Out Team Dixie, Willow Goes Off And Dixie Is Mourned

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The show opens when EC3 confronts Bobby Roode in the back about Roode being the blame for Team Dixie losing at Lockdown.

Footage of Abyss helping Magnus defeat Samoa Joe at Lockdown and then it's Bully Ray shocking the world by turning his back on Dixie Carter.

Mike Tenay and Taz greet us live from Orlando, Florida.

MVP enters the ring as the man in full control of TNA. Chants of M-V-P ring loud as he says that Dixieland is officially closed.

First issue is Bully Ray. Regardless of his past, Bully Ray will be on equal footing when it comes to TNA.

Then MVP tells us how he will direct operations now that he is in charge. 1) Motivate 2) Validate, and 3) Participate. It's just that simple.... and Magnus' music hits as he interrupts MVP.

Boo's ring out as Magnus states that the MVP Principle is the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard which draws a huge "YOU SUCK" chant from the fans and a reply from MVP saying "more ridiculous than your title run?".

To that, Magnus brings out his "insurance policy" Abyss. The fired up crowd shouts You Sold Out. While Magnus bores everyone with his speech, the crowd then breaks into We Want Joe, and then Paper Champion chants.

MVP has a great response: "The way I see it, at Lockdown, you were getting your English ass kicked all over the ring by Samoa Joe until miraculously, you literally pulled a monster out of your ass so that you could come up with that victory".

MVP says that the conversation can't go on until the #1 contender to the Heavyweight Champion joins them in the ring. Samoa Joe walks to the ring and shows signs of the beating he took at Lockdown. MVP announces that it will be Magnus vs Samoa Joe next week, but right now it's Joe vs Abyss.

Samoa Joe vs Abyss

The red hot crowd live in Orlando is cheering wildly for Samoa Joe as we return from break. Joe is taped up in several places and is doing his best to fight through the pain, but a more calm than normal Abyss takes control of the match.

During the match, Tenay and Taz discuss how Dixie Carter's life came crumbling down in Miami at Lockdown.

Joe makes a brief comeback but Abyss regains control until a massive power slam by Joe on the monster. After a headbutt by Joe, he comes off the ropes but is caught by a vicious chokeslam by Abyss who then heads out of the ring for his favorite weapon to use on Joe.

Eric Young hits the ring and hits a missile dropkick on Abyss to cause a DQ.

Back from break, Jeremy Borash is in the back waiting on Bully Ray, then we see a short Willow promo.

Back in the ring, we are introduced to Brittany with a video. She is welcomed by a match with Gail Kim accompanied by Lei'D Tapa.

Gail Kim vs Brittany

The match opens with Kim showing no respect for the newest Knockout by stepping on her face.

There's then a good strong back and forth until Lei'D Tapa comes in and accidentally nails Gail Kim with a splash in the corner. Brittany takes advantage and get a roll up victory over Kim.

After shoving each other, a huge Cat Fight between Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa breaks out.

Winner of the match: Brittany

We see Bully Ray enter the back with the Team Dixie thugs jumping "the insurance policy" and beating him down. While Bully is being choked with his chain, Bobby Roode gets in Bully's face and says you screwed me and then knocks him out with a wooden sign all the while screaming you don't screw with me.

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