Source: The Boston Herald

The Boston Herald has an interview with WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E, who discussed his collegiate football career, lifting, worrying about being too shy for pro wrestling, working in NXT and more. Here are a couple of highlights:

Making his WWE debut as AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler's bodyguard:

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity with that role, but I knew I could be a lot more than just a bodyguard. Stepping out of that and having opportunities in a singles role was good for me. I felt there was a lot more for me to offer, and I still feel that way."

Competing in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania:

"Raising that Andre the Giant trophy is a big deal. That's my focus at WrestleMania."

His future goal:

"My dream is to win the WWE world heavyweight championship at WrestleMania. I've only been in the business four years and it's been a good start, but there's still a lot more I can show people."

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