As noted earlier, Sting participated in a Q&A show at Camden Highlight Club in London last night. Here are some more highlights from the Q&A, courtesy of reader Scott Hainge:

- Sting praised Eric Bischoff and said he was a great manager behind the scenes.

- He surprised a lot of people with his praise of Vince Russo and said it doesn't matter how long for, but Russo was successful anywhere he went in the business.

- He has fond memories about beach blonde Sting from the 1990's. While in TNA he was asked to go back to it, but he pointed out that he doesn't have the hair anymore.

- He liked working in the n.W.o and the Main Event Mafia.

- When talking about TNA Sting said he went to bat for Magnus, he pushed and pushed for him backstage. He rates Somoa Joe as a true talent and said that he needed more time with in TNA. Sting also mentioned how talented AJ Styles is.

- Sting made a joke about Dixie's mic skills, and the crowd agreed that they are not the best in the world.

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