Impact Wrestling returned to its home in the Impact Zone after a successful European tour. This episode was also the aftermath of the Lockdown pay per view, in which Magnus retained the title against Samoa Joe due to interference from Abyss. This show marked the Impact Wrestling debuts of TNA X Division champion Sanada, Tigre Uno, Willow and Brittany. The show also presented the returns of Abyss from being absent due to finding who truly cares about him, as well as a two year absence of former Knockouts champion Angelina Love.

Abyss vs. Samoa Joe
Since Samoa Joe is the top babyface right now, and Abyss is making his "new and improved" return, it made sense that there was not a clean finish to this match. The action in the match was a bit above average, and not as good as their previous bouts. Eric Young attacking Abyss was a good way to end the match, and should set up another good match between the two next week.

Brittany vs. Gail Kim
Although this was a debut for Brittany, it was actually a return, as she was previously a valet for Orlando Jordan. This debut did not seem very exciting, but the win was a step in the right direction. The bigger topic is the break-up of Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa, which was long overdue. Hopefully, there will be a good storyline that develops from this.

Sanada/Tigre Uno vs. BroMans
Having a debuting tag team defeat the tag team champions in a non-title match is not the best idea, but Sanada and Tigre Uno looked great. If they stay a tag team, it would be a great addition to the division. Sanada as the X Division will hopefully spawn some great matches in the near future.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw
This is actually beginning to be a good feud between the two. Kristy Hemme is a good centerpoint of the feud, and with Anderson winning, I am sure we will see another match between the two very soon. It would be interesting if this feud culminated with Kristy Hemme aligning with Samuel Shaw, which would further enhance his character that is developing well so far. It has been quite some time seeing Hemme away from the ring announcing role (we do not want to remember her managing Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave), so it may be interesting to see how she would fit again as a valet.

Rockstar Spud vs. Willow
So, the show shows Willow in many places leading to his Impact Wrestling television debut, just to lose by DQ to... Rockstar Spud. Yeah, I get that it lead to Willow attacking Spud after to match, but did it really prove anything? A mean streak for Jeff Hardy? Ok, I suppose. I am not going to totally denounce this gimmick, but so far it has an uphill climb.

- Whether face or heel, Bully Ray is a really good character. It works much better as a heel, but we need to get far away from Aces and Eights as possible, so a face turn would suffice.
- The Angelina Love/Velvet Sky segment was REALLY weird.
- The Wolves should have been showcased more than just exclusive footage. However, that three-way tag match should be very good.

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