WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes says a match between his two sons Goldust and Cody Rhodes would steal a show, but it won't happen. In an interview with The Roman Show, during a stop at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair, Rhodes gave his thoughts on a match between both of his sons.

"He [Goldust] wanted to wrestle his brother for a year," Rhodes said. "I never thought it was necessary. If you put it on Wrestlemania in New Orleans It would be a show stealer. I think everyone would like to see it, but it's not going to happen for several reasons."

The American Dream also said that he's proud of Goldust career comeback.

"He fought his devil and demons. He has god's gift," he said. "He came back in the greatest shape of his life. Being at his age and Cody being in his 20s is really cool."

Rhodes, who plays a vital role in developing new talent at NXT, also spoke about the WWE Performance Center and the future of the company's talent.

"It's the greatest facility, the NFL facility can't rival what we have," he said. "The divas are on top of their game. Charlotte, Ric Flair's daughter,
is there, Paige from England is off the hook, Emma just went up. Corey Graves I think is going to be great also the Ascension."

Dusty also talked about memories in Florida, Kevin Sullivan and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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