Jim Cornette Shoots On Vince Russo, Chris Benoit, ROH, Dixie Carter, Worst Booking Decisions, Colt

His worked-shoot promos on RAW in 1997:

Once again too long a story to tell here, but to answer the main point of your question, I wrote them myself and put them on teleprompter because I had to clear them with legal first to make sure we weren't sued--only times I have ever done a "scripted" promo in 32 years!

Most appealing feature of today's product:

Haven't found one--sorry.

Dumbest ideas he's heard pitched:

Tie between Jim Herd's Hunchbacks and Vince Russo's Brawl for All!

Worst booking decision to make TV:

The Brawl for All tied with Austin hugging McMahon at WM17 that led to the collapse of the entire business-

Talent who should have been big stars:

Matt Morgan should have been a big star, plus Nick Dinsmore, the Damaja, Doug Basham, Johnny Jeter, Mike Mondo, Rico Constantino, most of the OVW class that got screwed by bad WWE creative in 2003-2005

If ROH is turning things around:

This is hopeless to answer in this forum, and I don't want to seem as if I am knocking Delirious because he is the only person there i still respect, but nothing has changed--ROH is still running 2-3 shows per month, attendence is up a few hundred per show due to AJ Styles and other names but that is a far cry from where I thought we could be after 3 years, I was a proponent of a Japan deal from the start but it only happened because events took place that saw it become available for very little money outlay on Sinclair's part, etc. Delirious has done a fine, tireless and thankless job, but I entered into the project thinking it would be a real promotion by this time, running real arenas and on a schedule of 70-80 shows per year, and not knowing that not only would SBG not do anything in the proposal they bought, but also that I would not be working for Joe Koff but instead some 26 year old jackoff accountant named Greg the office boy, and truthfully if I had known all those things ahead of time, I would not have been involved. The ROH you see today is about a fifth of the size I envisioned it could be, and I was not spending 24/7 of my entire life to establish a promotion that still plays rec centers for hundreds, not thousands of people, nor did I sign on to be stymied at every turn by non-wrestling, cheapass Republican assholes. I wanted my last wrestling project to be something I could be proud of, and I believed in the style and the talent roster, but it became a rib on me that the company was being run like a flea market and the blame went on me because I had trumpeted how great it could be--after taking stress tests on my heart and waking up mad every day for a year and a half, I couldn't take it anymore

Much more is contained in Cornette's AMA, you can check it out by clicking here.

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