The season premiere opens with a recap of what happened last season. Then, things head over to Natalya talking about the divas division blowing up. She is scared for the people she has to get in the ring with because if they don't bring their A game she's going to eat them up.

After the title sequence, the divas are shown arriving at an arena. They're backstage in a meeting with Mark the talent guy. He talks about Tribute to the Troops. Mark tells Summer that he wants her to travel with Eva to gain more exposure, and maybe they can have a feud with the Bellas. Summer Rae is then officially introduced to the show. She talks about being called up from NXT and how much she likes being a diva. Eva and Summer are shown talking after the meeting, and Summer feels that there was tension in the room against her.

Next, Brie is shown talking to Sandra the seamstress. Eva walks up, and Brie comments on her ring. Eva reveals that her and her boyfriend eloped, and that her parents don't know. Eva says she isn't going to tell her parents. Nikki walks up, and they stop talking about it. Nikki eventually notices, and then is shown ranting about Cena not wanting to get married. Sandra comments that she would be very upset if Eva was her daughter. She urges Eva to tell her parents.

Then, the Bellas are shown talking to Nattie, Ariane, and Trinity backstage about Eva eloping with her boyfriend. They wonder if Eva's boyfriend pressured her.

Next, the Bellas are shown getting ready to celebrate their 30th birthday. Brie gets a text from John Cena asking her to tell Nikki happy birthday from him. She tells Nikki, and they both talk about how it's weird that he didn't just text Nikki.

Then, the Bellas are in a limo with Nattie, and she asks Nikki about John. Nikki talks about how John doesn't want marriage or kids and how much it stinks. After that, everyone is shown celebrating the birthday. Nattie is drunk, and being flirty with Ariane's boyfriend. She pushes Nattie away from him because she doesn't like it. Ariane pulls Nattie away from the party to talk to her, and she tells her she doesn't like it. A cop walks up and tells them to calm down or they're going to get arrested. They go back into the party.

The show heads to Orlando, and Eva gets a call from her mom. Her mom misses her and wants to talk to her more. She asks Eva to visit. She wants to come to Eva's place and see it. Eva's boyfriend asks how she is going to explain him being there. Eva's boyfriend asks what they're going to do with all his stuff. Eva looks extremely nervous because he wants to tell them the truth.

Back from commercial and the Bellas are touring Wizard World. Nikki is upset because of all the John Cena stuff at the con. Then, the Bellas are shown taking pictures with fans. John Cena comes up and takes a picture with them. He gives Nikki a hug.

The show heads back to Orlando, this time to Eva Marie's apartment. Her and her boyfriend are hiding all of his stuff. She says that she learned from her mistakes, and she wants to make the visit go right. She says she knows exactly what she is doing. She feels bad, but she needs to figure out what she is going to do with her family. She needs to figure out the best way to break the ice, and she feels it's the best way.

Then, stuff heads to Washington. Brie and Bryan are taking Nikki registry shopping. The store has a lot of strange repurposed and upcycled stuff. Brie feels bad that Nikki isn't happy. Bryan asks her how things are going, and Nikki says she just needs time away from John to think. Nikki ends up leaving because she is feeling sad.

Back from commercial and Ariane, Trinity, and Jon are at a hotel. Nattie walks up and greets them. Summer Rae blows past and says hi to Nattie in a fake manner. They all talk about how weird it was.

Then, Ariane walks up to Eva backstage. They're watching Summer facing Nattie in a match. Nattie talks about how her and Summer are both chiefs and it's a pissing contest when they face each other.

Next, Nikki approaches Brie backstage and apologizes for leaving her and Bryan at the store. She talks to Brie about her feelings. Nikki says that she is struggling over the way John feels and it's hard. Brie says it's the saddest she has ever seen her sister. Nikki says she has never felt more confused in a relationship, and she doesn't know if she can sacrifice marriage and kids. Brie asks if Nikki will ever wake up and feel regret if she chooses to sacrifice what she wants to be with John.

Back from commercial and things are in Washington. Trinity approaches Eva backstage and asks about Jonathan. Eva says she is excited to see her family, but she is nervous to tell her family about being married because she is scared her dad will have a heart attack. Trinity urges Eva to stop lying and tell them or things will get worse. Eva decides to come clean and tell the truth.

Then, stuff heads to Orlando to Eva's apartment. Her family arrives and she gives them a tour of her apartment. Her brother comments about the pictures of Eva and Jonathan. They all ask Eva questions about Jonathan. Eva tries to drop hints about them being married, but her family doesn't get it. The doorbell rings, and it's Jonathan. He comes inside and talks to Eva's family a bit. Eva's brother just straight up asks if they got married as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Eva's dad leaves the room. Eva says that yes they did get married, and Eva's dad comes into the room. He asks if they are serious that they got married. Eva's dad asks why they didn't say anything at Thanksgiving. Eva starts crying because of the sad looks on her dad's face. She says she feels terrible for robbing him of walking her down the aisle. Her family leaves to go back to the hotel.

The show heads to California to Nikki's mom's condo where she is staying. Nikki gets a text from John asking her to meet him for dinner. Nikki calls Brie and reads her the text. Nikki says she doesn't know what to think, or how to feel about it. Brie asks Nikki what she'll do if John proposes to her as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Nikki is still talking to Brie. Bryan is also on the phone and gives her crap about it. Bryan jokes about Cena wanting to do everything better than him.

The show heads back to Orlando. Eva calls her brother and asks if they're still at the hotel. Eva says they're going to come there to talk to them. Eva says she feels horrible, and she wants to make things right before they leave. Eva and Jonathan arrive at the hotel.

Back from commercial and Eva and Jonathan approach Eva's family. Eva's brother says he isn't cool with them being married. Jonathan says that he loves Eva and she is his priority. Her brothers ask about why they weren't told. They ask if she was confirmed, and she says no. Eva tries to talk some more, and her dad says that she disrespected the family and that's it. Her family leaves.

The show heads to California, and Nikki is getting ready to meet John. She doesn't know what to expect. She meets John at a pier, and says well I'm here as the show ends.

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