Views From The Turnbuckle: The Divas Division And Why It Is A Joke

Views From The Turnbuckle: The Divas Division And Why It Is A Joke Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
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Anytime a divas match comes on, the jokes come out. "Bathroom break," or, "Time to go see what is in the kitchen." The fact of the matter is, WWE just doesn't seem to care a lot about actual women's wrestling. The matches are almost always under five minutes unless they are on PPV, and the storylines are always very difficult to follow, mainly because there hardly are any.

Women's wrestling is different from men's wrestling. WWE, even if it seems like they sometimes ignore this fact, knows that the best way to gain financial success from wrestlers is by having them actually wrestle. The biggest factor in whether a wrestler is going to be a star or not is still what kind of matches they are going to be in, and what championships are they going to win/contend for. For women, it isn't quite that cut-and-dry. Women can become huge stars as valets/managers, being involved in angles with male wrestlers, taking part in calendar shoots, etc. Wrestling is just simply not that big of a requirement in order to become a notable star. According to the Internet Wrestling Database, Stacy Kiebler, one of the most popular female wrestlers of the last 20 years, only wrestled 60 matches for WWE. You just do not have to be in the ring and wrestling to have an impact.

The relative success of "Total Divas" has created an even larger gap in the relationship between wrestling and success for women. Eva Marie can barely run the ropes, yet she is still one of the most talked about women in WWE. WWE, right now, feels that they can get more business out of "Total Divas" then they can out of building a competent Divas roster with cognizant storylines. That is why you see a lot more of the Bella Twins than you see AJ Lee, because although AJ is the champion, WWE feels that the Bella Twins are probably the real top dogs when it comes to the Divas division.

The Bella Twins get a lot of flak from fans, and some of it may be justified, but some of the hate they get isn't really deserved, or at least, we have no way of knowing if it is deserved. They are never going to wow you with technical brilliance, but they are also not the worst female wrestlers WWE employs, and Brie is even one of the more competent women they have. They catch a lot of hate because they are symbol for everything that some fans think is wrong with WWE. They are below-average wrestlers without a lot of charisma, but get pushed anyways and overshadow the actual talented women on the roster.

The Bella Twins have an ugly stigma about them because they briefly left the company for some unexplained reason, and then came back six months later and suddenly received pushes to the moon. Was this a political move? It sure looks like it, but right now we don't really know so it is currently just a rumor. Even more inexplicable, as soon as "Total Divas" came out, WWE decided that they were now going to faces, despite the fact that the Bella Twins had been heels their entire time in WWE. WWE never explained the change, never really acknowledged even, it was just now they were wrestling heels as opposed to faces. Of course, this change went over like a fart in a church, because the fans had been taught to boo these women, and since they were never given a reason to cheer for them, they just kept on booing or worse, showing indifference. Despite the lackluster responses, WWE just kept right on steaming ahead with their plans and continuously shoved the Bella's down our throats because hey, they had to sell "Total Divas" somehow. With Bella's now faces, nobody really knew who was a heel and who was a face anymore. All we know is that AJ and Tamina are heels, and everyone on "Total Divas" is a face, for some reason. It threw everything in the Divas division into chaos, leaving in the current nonsensical shape that it is in now.

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