Source: The Undisputed Wrestling Show

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell was recently interviewed by The Undisputed Wrestling Show to promote his appearance at Heroes and Legends 3 this Saturday in Ft. Wayne, IN. Here are a few highlights:

Bagwell appearing on the Showtime program Gigolos:

"If you go on it gives my price. I am now a gigolo on the Gigolos show. Basically what it is: Women, not men, not anybody else, just women can go on there for companionship. There is no sex. Showtime can't have sex (on air)."

Why he's not in WWE or TNA:

"This [being a gigalo] is my job and I came up with this because wrestling seems to be over for me in the big world and I'm having to switch gears at the age of 44. So still being in shape to go to WWE tomorrow, ready to go to TNA tomorrow, it is just political (that I'm not there). So time to switch gears. This came up, I'm doing it, and I'm going on my debut and it was nuts. I was the second highest rated on the show. It is just blowing everyone's minds how quick this thing took off. I'm just riding the ride and seeing what happens."

Details of being a gigolo:

"This is so new, I haven't even gone on my first date yet. So I don't even know. This is something I thought I could do, I've always loved women and I'm married, but at the same time this is something that is not sexual. This is something that I am a companion, I am a friend. I go on dates with girls for them to have me as a piece of candy to show her friends. There is no sex, it is simply my companionship for however much time you want to buy me. I'm a gigolo trying to make some money."

Bagwell also spoke about being disappointed at not being a babyface after returning from a broken neck in WCW, his time in Global Wrestling Federation and more, you can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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