TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Ray Goes To Nashville, Magnus Retains, Willow Strikes Again

The show opens with Abyss and Eric Young brawling in the back with ODB cheering EY on and then yelling for help as the Monster begins to beat EY down.

EY nails Abyss with a low blow and then starts wailing on Abyss with a large chain. They then come through the curtain and continue to brawl all the way to the ring, as they are to be chained together for the match later in the night between Magnus and Samoa Joe.

The former friends brawl for several minutes in the ring in an impromptu Street Fight. Abyss splashed EY with a Black Hole slam and then severely chokes out EY in the ropes with the steel chain.

ODB hugs a totally demolished EY as Mike Tenay and Taz introduce the card for the night.

EC3's music plays and he goes to the ring followed by Bobby Lashley.

EC3 vs Bobby Lashley

Back from the break and EC3 and Lashley are going at it in the ring. Lashley totally exhibits his massive power on Dixie's "nephew". Carter goes to the outside of the ring and Lashley follows and show's his inexperience as EC3 takes control o the outside.

Once back in the ring the competitors fight back and forth. The announcers continue to fill us in on all of the credentials Lashley has from amateur wrestling to MMA. With the crowd chanting Bob-by, Bob-by - Carter hits a reverse mule kick low blow on Lashley and EC3 starts to head to the back as the referee starts the count out.

Out from the back comes Willow and starts a major beat down on EC3 similar to the beating Rockstar Spud took last week. Carter is able to escape while Willow climbs to the top of a ladder.

EC3 win via DQ caused by Willow

Video clip of Bully Ray in Nashville, TN at Dixie Carter's office. Bully is upset that Dixie is making him wait.

Backstage at the arena, Samoa Joe and MVP are talking about EY not being there to be chained to Abyss. MVP assures Joe that someone will be chained to the Monster during the championship match.

Angelina Love says that Velvet Sky is going to have a decision to make tonight.

You can Tweet Live with Ken Anderson during tonight's broadcast @mrkenanderson and use #ASKAnderson.

In the back, Magnus tells EC3 that he no longer needs Aunt "D"and that he is kicking her to the curb. Magnus says all that he needs is Abyss.

Out comes Gunner to the ring. He talks about beating James Storm at Lockdown, and he points out his father sitting in the front row. Gunner gives a heart warming talk about his father and then the music of James Storm begins to play.

Storm comes out and introduces himself to Gunner's dad. Storm insults Gunner's dad and Gunner when Gunner can't take anymore and they brawl. Storm hits Gunner with a vicious Last Call superkick and then handcuffs the former Marine to the ring ropes.

Storm brings Gunner's dad inside the rail and with a helpless Gunner watching, Storm nails Gunner's dad with his beer bottle.

Gail Kim talks in the back about Lei'D Tapa and their upcoming match.

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