TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Bully Ray Goes To Nashville, Magnus Retains, Willow Strikes Again

Bully decides he's tired of talking to the back of Dixie's chair and spins the chair around to find Dixie not there. Bully is attacked by Bobby Roode. Roode wipes Bully out and leaves him laying in Dixie's office while screaming DON'T SCREW WITH ME.

Out first is Joe accompanied by MVP as we go to break.

A replay of Gunner and Storm's confrontation with Storm busting a beer bottle over the head of Gunner's Dad.

TNA Championship Match vs Samoa Joe

Out comes Magnus with Abyss and then Abyss is handcuffed to MVP.

The bell rings and The Champ mixes it up with Joe and Joe appears to have an injury to his midsection.

Magnus starts to take advantage of the apparent injury to Joe and each time that Joe starts to gain a little momentum, Magnus goes back to work on the midsection.

Samoa Joe is in tremendous pain and Magnus show great ability in taking away Joe's ability to get anything going while nothing is going on with MVP and Abyss who are chained together.

At one point, Joe nails Magnus with a huge power slam but cant even make the cover.

The referee gets knocked down and then Abyss and MVP begin to mix it up on the outside. As Abyss grabs a baf of thumb tacks, MVP unlocks to chain to get the tacks and throw them up the ramp. Abyss takes advantage of MVP's being distracted and nails the boss with a chair shot.

Samoa Joe starts to fly through the ropes at the Monster, but Abyss nails Joe with the steel chair in the midsection. Magnus climbs to the top rope and nails Joe with the flying elbow for the victory.

Winner of the match and still the TNA Heavyweight Champion - Magnus.

To wrap things up this week, the crowd was good again, but no way near as hot as during the previous show. The action was good, but again not at the same level as last week. Several story lines were advanced with the Gunner vs Storm feud continuing, and The Beautiful People issues that came to a head tonight.

To recap the actual matches:

EC3 get the DQ win over Bobby Lashley when Willow attacks Carter.

Gail Kim pins Lei'D Tapa and Tapa now must leave TNA.

The Bro Mans retain the Tag Titles in a 3-way match against The Wolves, Sanada and Tigre Uno.

Magnus gets the win over an injured Samoa Joe, with the help of his business partner Abyss.

Ed Boston, co-founder of, enjoying another week of live coverage with all of you here at Wrestling

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