Impact Wrestling was focused mainly around the world title rematch between Magnus and Samoa Joe. Early in the show, the one who was supposed to be chained to Abyss to keep him neutralized - Eric Young - brawled Abyss until he was unable to continue fighting. This left no one being on the other end of the chain, and MVP trying to find a replacement. Eventually, he chose himself, but did not expect what manifested during the match.

EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley is a good addition to the TNA roster again. However, he has no charisma. The good thing is, his athletic ability is great, which can compensate for his robotic-like persona. Lashley would be better off as the muscle for MVP. To keep MVP in more of an executive than a wrestler role, Lashley can be the one to make sure that things run smoothly. Otherwise, we'll get good matches from him, but not anything to leave us wanting more. The whole deal with Willow attacking EC3 to keep his "winning" streak alive could have been spared, but obviously TNA has high hopes for Willow, so we will just have to "deal with it."

Gail Kim vs. Lei'D Tapa
Was this a cost-cutting measure, or seeds planted for a bigger build? For TNA's history, option 1 seems very likely. Not a good idea if that is the case. Lei'D Tapa could have been a major player in the Knockouts division, but somehow being Gail Kim's lackey was the best spot for her. Quite unfortunate.

"When One Door Closes another door opens! Thanks @impactwrestling for the opportunity to share with the world my passion for what I enjoy doing! To all of my fans I love you all & thank you for your Loyal support from day 1!! Forever grateful and blessed!! Looking forward to the future & great things to come!! Keep supporting Queen Of Rings we bout to takeover!! To the top we go!!! #BowDown"

Bro Mans vs. The Wolves vs. Sanada/Tigre Uno
Despite their over-the-top gimmick, the Bro Mans are actually growing on me, finally. I am still not all the way sold, but they are not that bad of a heel tag team. The Wolves did not look very strong in this match, which is a mistake because they should be the team to revolve the division around. Sanada and Tigre Uno are a good team, but it bothers me when one person in a tag team has a singles championship that they rarely defend. It just lowers any credibility to the championship, and weakens that person's overall reign. I understand that Sanada's win was to please the Wrestle-1 partnership, but either this team should split and Sanada have more X Division matches, or he should drop the title and keep the team going. One or the other.

Magnus vs. Samoa Joe
I was not a fan of how this transpired. Samoa Joe is a good candidate to be next in line to win the title, but now it just seems like he is pawn in Magnus' title reign. The match was not bad, and I understand that Abyss is the insurance policy of Magnus, but where does this lead? And how can Samoa Joe justify getting another title shot? The only thing I can think of is him having to go through Abyss. While that is not a terrible option, Samoa Joe has to look strong as much as possible.

- The Bully Ray/Bobby Roode angle is shaping up quite well.
- The Gunner/James Storm segment was gold. Great way to put an added emotional element to the already heated feud.
- The Beautiful People reunion had some intrigue to it. It looks like Angelina Love may be the solid heel and Velvet Sky may play the reluctant one in their feud with Madison Rayne. It should spice up the division a bit, hopefully.
- It will be interesting to see where Knux gets inserted when he comes back.
- Why is Willow on the Sacrifice poster? Is he next in line for a title shot?

Speaking of that, who should be next in line for a title shot? Sound off below.

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