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Acclaimed and exhibited artist, painter of the Champion Portrait series and portrait maker of your favorite wrestling stars as seen on the likes of and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Rob Schamberger joined "Multi-time Award Winning" the Rack Thursday Night. In a nearly 25 minute interview, he discussed how he got started and how we got connected with WWE, his work being displayed at WrestleMania and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, his feelings to having work sold through WWE Auctions, who were his favorite wrestlers, what is his favorite medium to use: watercolor or acrylic, what is the biggest complement he's gotten for his work, teaming with Mick Foley for his work with RAINN, the use of social media and how it has affected his art for the positive, his tips for other up-and-coming artists, his thoughts on the upcoming WrestleMania XXX card and so much more.

You can follow Rob through his Twitter (@robschamberger), his Tumblr ( or visit his homepage ( for all the latest on him and projects as well as a gallery of his work; you can also see and bid on Rob's work through You can also see Rob as part of WrestleMania with WrestleMania Axxess week; go to or for tickets and a list of events associated with Axxess. You can also win a chance to get a work from Rob through Mick Foley's RAINN Charity raffle, go to for a listing of prizes and for your chance to purchase raffle tickets for a great cause!

How did he come about working with the WWE: "It's actually my first official WrestleMania with them (WWE), but I started about three years ago. I was looking at doing something different with my art; I'd been working primarily with comic books and illustration and it didn't ever quite fully happen, you know; I'd still have a day job and everything. I just wanted to do something different and I realized that no one had ever done a serious collection of portraits of wrestlers. So then I thought, 'Oh, it'd be cool to do every one of wrestling's world champions going all the way back to George Hackenschmidt and that's all where it kind of started.

Then, there was Kickstarter about three years ago, where I raised $20,000 dollars in a month to pay for studio space and everything to help make that break into doing art full-time and then just built off it from there and it's been a wild ride."

His work being featured through the site: "They actually came to me; Jim Ross had told them that that it would be a good fit for us to do business together, which is neat. I might actually be the last person that Jim Ross brought into the WWE; kind of a neat lineage to be part of. But we started talking about half way through last year and towards the end of the year we launched our first auctions together, right around Black Friday time and we've been doing it fairly consistently since then. It's been phenomenal, I mean I have my own page on and I don't even have to take bumps in the ring."

When did he start to like professional wrestling: "I got into it when I was 18. Like every other 18-year-old who lives on his own, I was at my parent's doing laundry on a Monday Night and my step-father who'd been a fan back in the 60's and 70's was flipping through the channels and landed on Ric Flair doing a promo on Nitro, this would have been about 1998, and I was just hooked right then. The next week, I was just looking for wrestling, because at the time I didn't know the difference between the shows or anything, and I landed on RAW and back in 1998 they were just killing it; everyone was firing on all cylinders and I've been a fan since."

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