Here are results for last night's WWE live event in Atlantic City, NJ:

* Big E defeated Cesaro and Kofi Kingston in a triple threat intercontinental championship match. Good match with Cesaro doing most of the wrestling as Kofi and Big E took turns being hurt outside the ring.

* Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater

* The Great Khali defeated Brodus Clay in a dance off. This was beyond horrible. Clay refused to dance and Khali just waved his hands. Ugh!

* Naomi defeated AJ Lee in a non title match. It was announced as a championship match, but as the match was about to start Vickie came out and told Naomi that since she has missed so much time recently, she didn't deserve a championship opportunity.

* The Big Show beat Christian. Christian did a lot of heel mic work putting down Atlantic City as a poor mans Las Vegas.

* Los Matadores defeated Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

* The Shield defeated the Wyatt Family in the best match of the night. Both teams really brought it. The Shield were baby facing it up with the crowd before and after the match.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Kane in a steel cage match. Kane came out and said Bryan could not wrestle because of the beating from Triple H. He said the "Yes movement" was dead, and blamed the fans for making Bryan believe he was better than he is. Bryan came out and asked if the fans wanted to see the match and said the Authority will not stop him from becoming the next WWE Champion. Good match, Bryan hit the running knee for the win and the crowd went wild.

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