SmackDown Review: Early Prediction - Will Bray Wyatt Defeat John Cena At WrestleMania 30?

John Cena vs. Luke Harper
Good way to showcase Luke Harper again in a singles role. He is very agile for a big man, and has a lot of talent that is not shown as much when he is teaming with Erick Rowan. Of course Cena was going to get the win, but it does raise an interesting question: does Cena put over Bray Wyatt since he went over Rowan and Harper, or does he conquer his "fears" by defeating Wyatt at WrestleMania?

- Kane's promo to start off the show was a good way to further build Daniel Bryan as the ultimate underdog. That will create the usual "feel-good" moment at WrestleMania, hopefully.
- It appears as if Miz did not get the news that "Langston" has left the building for good.
- Big Show getting the impromptu mini battle royal win was a good way to build him as the favorite. However, looking at his track record, this may be another WrestleMania disappointment.

Will Bray Wyatt defeat John Cena at WrestleMania? Sound off below.

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