The show opens with a recap of the last week's show. Then, things pick up where the show ended last week, with Nikki meeting John Cena on a pier. John asks how she's been. He says he has been thinking a lot about the last time they talked. He says that Nikki has made him a better man. He is a weird person, but he is in love with her. John says he knows she makes a lot of sacrifices for him. He wants to make her sacrifices with her. He says he doesn't want to totally shut the door on the idea of marriage and kids with her at some point, and Nikki seems to feel a bit better. She wishes that he would have proposed, but she know she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with him.

The show heads to a RAW taping. Eva Marie and Ariane are watching Summer Rae and Natalya fighting in a match. Eva talks about her and Ariane being similar because they both didn't wrestle in the indies.

Next, Nikki and Brie are shown getting ready. They go into John Cena's tour bus and it's ridiculously nice. It even has a wine cellar and washer and dryer. Nikki says that John got the bus so that he can wrestle longer. Brie says she wants to get a bus for Bryan because he is always in pain from traveling.

Then, it's a week later and all the divas are signing autographs for fans at some kind of convention. Then, they all sit down for lunch and Brie talks more about getting a bus with Bryan. They all talk about getting a bus together. Natalya brings up feeling uneasy if Summer comes along due to the tension between the two of them. Summer walks up and takes Eva away to go to a photo shoot.

Summer and Eva are shown going to the photo shoot. Summer asks why she wasn't invited to the lunch. Eva brings up Brie's idea about the bus. They talk about the fact that Natalya isn't okay with Summer being on the bus too. Summer talks some trash on Natalya.

Next, Ariane and Eva are shown at a RAW taping. Natalya walks up to talk to them. Eva says she gets to go to Afghanistan for Tribute to the Troops. She feels very honored to go. Ariane talks about Eva and says she needs to be more humble. Eva leaves, and Ariane discusses Eva more with Natalya.

Then, footage from a six divas tag match is shown. Eva Marie, Summer, and the Funkadactyls are watching backstage. Tamina Snuka kicks Nikki in the face and it knocks one of her teeth out.

Back from commercial and Nikki is going backstage with Brie and Natalya. The doctor opens her mouth, and the tooth is gone. He says to ultimately fix it they'll need to put in a post and a fake tooth. Nikki says John is going to think she's hideous. She says she feels like a gapped freak of nature, and then tells Brie that she will ride the bus with her.

Next, everyone is shown arriving on the bus. It's pretty much everyone on the show but John. Bryan says some rules, which include no pooping, tampons, sex, or erections. They all eat and talk. Bryan gives Nikki crap about her missing tooth. They decide to play truth or dare. Natalya asks Summer if she's ever slept with someone at work. Bryan says he never hears rumors, but he heard rumors about Summer.

Summer asks TJ if Natalya's the best sex he's had, and he says she's the only sex he's had. Natalya and Summer bicker a bit as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and everyone is still on the bus. Natalya gives TJ a very awkward lap dance. Ariane expresses further frustration over Eva Marie thinking she is better than everyone else. They all start talking about sex again and some of them go to bed. Ariane talks with Natalya and Brie. She brings up scandalous pictures of Eva Marie and they all look at them.

Then, Ariane is backstage at a show taping with Sandra the seamstress and Alicia Fox. Ariane shows them the pictures of Eva Marie.
?Next, the rest of the divas are eating food. Nikki is hiding from John because she doesn't want him to see his missing tooth. Tyson Kidd and Fandango are shown talking to Summer, and they show her the pictures of Eva Marie. Summer feels bad for Eva, and she thinks that Ariane is being very manipulative.

Back from commercial and a Brie Bella vs. Tamina match from Smackdown is shown. On the episode of Smackdown, Nikki's tooth getting knocked out is shown. Brie knows Tamina didn't mean to kick Nikki's tooth out, but is excited to get some revenge for Nikki. After the match, Brie urges Nikki to go and see Cena and tell him about the tooth. They wrestle around on the floor.

Then, Nikki is shown meeting with Cena later on. Cena knows something is up with her. They go into his tour bus and he asks if he did something wrong. She shows him the missing tooth, and he doesn't care. He says if anything he's proud of her and she's tough. Nikki says she feels like a doofus.

After that, everyone except for Nikki is on the tour bus again. Summer calls Eva to the back and tells her about Ariane spreading the pictures of her. Eva is shocked and betrayed. She says it's hurtful what Ariane did. She can't believe it. Eva goes out to where everyone else is and confronts Ariane. Ariane says she found the pictures on Twitter. They argue, and Ariane brings up that she's angry that Eva thinks she's better than everyone. She did it as a way to shut her up.

Back from commercial and Ariane and Eva are still arguing. Ariane doesn't see that what she did wasn't okay and gives a forced apology. They arrive at their destination and Eva doesn't want to be around anyone. Trinity talks to her to try and make her feel better. She tells Eva they've all done stuff they aren't proud of and Eva calms down.

Back from commercial and Eva calls her husband from her hotel room. She tells him about what Ariane did. Summer comes in and they sit down and talk on the bed. Eva talks about how she wants to take stuff back onto Ariane.
?Then, Trinity pulls Ariane aside to talk to her about why she did what she did to Eva. She isn't pleased with how Ariane acted. Next, Fandango approaches Eva and asks about the pictures. Eva is angry because she feels that if Fandango has seen the pictures, all of the male locker room has seen them.

Back from commercial and Natalya is getting ready for a match. Summer comes up and says she is opening the show. She leaves with Fandango. Trinity approaches Natalya, and Natalya mocks Summer.

Then, Eva is with Sandra. Ariane walks up and asks to talk to her. They go to talk, and Ariane apologizes. She brings up Trinity talking to her. Eva says she appreciates her saying sorry, but she doesn't like that Ariane humiliated her. She doesn't accept Ariane's apology and walks away as the show ends.

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