WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Undertaker - Lesnar, HHH Responds To Daniel Bryan

Cesaro with a 2 count. Swagger and Cesaro swing Ambrose into the fan barrier as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Cesaro has Ambrose grounded in the center of the ring. Ambrose with a backslide for 2. Cesaro kicks his knee out and slaps him. Ambrose smacks himself and tells Cesaro to hit him some more. Ambrose fires back but Cesaro does too. Ambrose nails a big clothesline. Rollins and Swagger tag in and go at it. Rollins unloads with chops and kicks. Rollins with a big boot in the air. Rollins with a splash across the ring and a face first drop into the turnbuckle for 2. Cesaro gets dumped out to the floor. Rollins sends Swagger out next. Rollins dives out on Cesaro, runs back in the ring and leaps out on the other side to hit Swagger. The crowd pops big for Rollins. A big "holy s--t" chant breaks out. Rollins with a big boot to the head on Swagger but Cesaro breaks the pin. Ambrose brawls with Cesaro. Cesaro suplexes Ambrose over the top rope. Rollins sends Cesaro to the floor. Swagger with the Patriot Lock on Rollins but he makes it to the bottom rope. More back and forth. Rollins with a kick to the face and the Piece of Mind for the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

- After the bell, Cesaro lays out Rollins from behind and sends him to the floor. Cesaro turns around to a big Superman Punch from Reigns. Cesaro goes to the floor. Reigns runs around the ring and spears Cesaro on the floor. Rollins and Ambrose take apart the announcers table. They triple powerbomb Cesaro through the table. The Shield celebrate in the ring until the stage explodes and out comes Kane with The New Age Outlaws, all in suits. Kane books The Shield vs. himself and The Outlaws for WrestleMania XXX. Kane says they are going to annihilate The Shield.

- We see Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walking backstage. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Heyman introduces them and starts talking about The Undertaker's Streak.

Heyman says when Lesnar ends The Streak at WrestleMania, it won't take away from how phenomenal The Streak has been. Heyman says no Superstar, including Lesnar, will ever be able to win 21 straight times at WrestleMania. Heyman goes on and Lesnar snatches the mic. Lesnar says enough, he's not here to promote - he's here to fight. Lesnar calls The Undertaker out and says let's do this. Lesnar tosses the mic.

The lights go out and the druid music starts. About a dozen druids come out carrying a casket. They place it at ringside and walk away. Lesnar stomps on the casket while the druid music is still playing. The music stops and Lesnar lifts the casket lid. It's empty. Lesnar asks if this is some kind of joke. Lesnar goes out of the ring and starts talking trash to the droids. They start walking to the back. Lesnar goes back to the casket and slams the lid. Fans chant for The Undertaker. Lesnar says he's not here to play games and he's leaving. Heyman says this is exactly the game Taker wants Lesnar to play. Heyman rips Brooklyn and gets heat from the crowd. Heyman rips Taker for sending out an empty casket. The casket lid suddenly opens and we see The Undertaker laying down. He sits up and enters the ring. The lights come on and Heyman is screaming. Taker and Lesnar come face to face and start brawling. Taker beats Lesnar into the ropes. Taker clotheslines Lesnar out on top of the casket and to the floor. It looked like maybe Lesnar was supposed to fall into the casket but the lid closed. Taker and Lesnar point up at the WrestleMania sign and taunt each other. Taker's music hits. He stares down Heyman and Lesnar as they look on from the stage. RAW goes off the air.

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