Kofi Kingston Talks Wanting A WrestleMania Moment, Turning Heel, Being Close To The Top, More

Kofi Kingston Talks Wanting A WrestleMania Moment, Turning Heel, Being Close To The Top, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
Donald Wood of Bleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio recently spoke with Kofi Kingston before he was confirmed for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX. Here are some highlights:

Over the past few years you've become known for skin-the-cat moments in the Royal Rumble. If you decide to enter the battle Royal might you have something special planned for the WWE Universe?

"I get inspired from all different kinds of places, cartoons, comic books, movies and things like that and if I see it then I'll try to emulate it in the ring and often times you figure out why these moves are comic books and movie-style moves because they can't be done. Most of the time I've thought of something I found a way to make it work and luckily it's actually worked out like the Royal Rumble jump that I did this year there was no contingency plan if I didn't make that, and it goes the same for the handstand deal and the chair spot, like if I fall then I'm done so knock on wood luckily I've been able to actually complete what I've set out to do but, again, if I don't there's no contingency plan I guess if I fall then I walk to the back and I'll be eliminated."

Last year you didn't get an opportunity to compete at WrestleMania 29, you were part of the pre-show panel. Firstly, how tough was it for you as a competitor to have to sit and watch from the sidelines last year, and also what does it mean to potentially get back in the fray this year?

"Last year, it was the worst. It was the worst thing of all time. Well, not the worst thing because doing the pre-show panel I was able to do something that I hadn't really done before and on top of that, being there with Dusty Rhodes and Mick Foley was amazing because they're two legends and I'm sitting there in between them just like 'oh my god'. It was a cool experience but at the same time as a WWE Superstar your goal is to be on Wrestlemania in some way, shape or form so you can be part of the show and when you're not, it definitely is a blow to your ego because it's almost like you set out to be something that you didn't do. But it's also eye opening and motivating for the next year because you remember where you were at that point and you try to not end up there again. Hopefully with this Battle Royal situation I'll be able to get back in there and do what I love to do because as WWE Superstars all you want to do is be on Wrestlemania."

You've obviously had a ton of success in WWE, you've won more titles than almost anyone on the roster, but do you feel like you're still searching for your defining WrestleMania moment?

"Yeah, I think at Wrestlemania you definitely want a singles match and not have to share the spotlight with other guys. Money in the Bank was awesome and some of the cooler moments in my career and it's awesome to make some memorable moments but I think the ultimate goal is to have that singles match where it's just you and your opponent, all eyes on you two and you're just telling a story and you're out there just tearing the house down. That is the ultimate goal and I've had a few different Wrestlemania Money in the Bank moments but not the singles Wrestlemania moment that I strive for."

Since TLC there's only been one world title with the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships being unified. Do you feel like that negatively impacts wrestlers such as yourself who are trying to reach that next level?

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