Actor Joe Manganiello, who appeared in the RAW segment with Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger this week, spoke with Bleacher Report at RAW and talked about being a fan of pro wrestling:

"It's theater. But it's theater, [and] it's the circus. I've always loved wrestling. I've been a massive wrestling fan...I consider myself somewhat of an encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge and I think it kind of freaks people out. We were at dinner last night and I just went nuts going through all of the old wrestlers and [it] was like 'dude, you're out of your mind, this is crazy.' To be up there in the ring for the first time...I just hung out backstage and took a picture with [Sabotage co-star] Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and Hulk [Hogan] and put it on Twitter. I was like 'Come on, this is insane, this is surreal.' I think it will probably hit me sometime tomorrow."

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