Michael Cole's sit-down interview this week was with Hulk Hogan, who filled in for Triple H. Cole reminded us that Triple H has decided to not do the weekly interviews until after WrestleMania. Here are some highlights:

- Hogan said his return puts a period to the sentence of his life in this business. He said that everything lined up perfectly for his return. He then plugged the Network and said that "it was so cool to be home."

- Hogan's favorite WrestleMania moment was his match with Andre the Giant. He said that event led the company to greatness and where it is now.

- Hogan said it was "huge" to bring Andre's memory to WrestleMania for the Memorial Battle Royal. He talked about Andre straightening him up when he was younger in the business. He talked about how great a person Andre was, and complimented him for how he handled himself in public.

- Hogan talked about how important Mr. T was to WWE, and that not having him in the Hall of Fame would not be right. He said Mr. T was used to steer WWE in the "sports entertainment" realm, and admitted how the company rested on his back. He talked about how Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff didn't want him in the WWE, and that "this whole company was on Mr. T's back to steer us in the right direction to become the great entertainment company we are today."

- Hogan says this will be the greatest WrestleMania of all time with how things have lined up. He said that "we're going to points unknown," and that this is the launching pad for the company's future.

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