- WWE.com has an interview with Hulk Hogan to commemorate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania V, where Hogan defeated Randy "Macho Man" Savage for the WWF Championship in the main event. During the interview, Hogan discussed his friendship and rivalry with Savage, and talked about how much he enjoyed working with him, although it was intense. He noted that he would probably rank Savage as his favorite opponent, and said that they had reconciled after running into each other at a doctor's office a few months before Savage passed away.

"We talked on the phone a couple of times," Hogan said. "I invited him over to have a barbeque, and really got back on track, which was cool. Later, I was with Lanny, his brother, at an independent wrestling show. He told me their mom wasn't doing so well with [Randy's father] Angelo passing away. So we had planned on having a barbeque at her house because I got along well with Randy's mom and try to cheer her up. So, Lanny and I called Randy from the arena. Three days later, he had the heart attack. It was crazy."

Hogan also talked about their tag team match with Ted Dibiase and Andre the Giant at the first Summerslam in 1988. He said that Andre hated Savage, and the only thing that saved Savage was that Andre loved Elizabeth. He said that the heat started because Andre hated how much baby oil Randy would put on.

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