TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Willow Hunted Down, Bully Ray - Bobby Roode, Gunner Vs. James Storm

TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Willow Hunted Down, Bully Ray - Bobby Roode, Gunner Vs. James Storm
Impact starts with a video of last weeks confrontation between James Storm and Gunner. When the show goes live, MVP heads to the ring then a video recap of the Samoa Joe vs Magnus match from last week.

MVP starts talking and is immediately interrupted by Magnus and Abyss.

Magnus says that Abyss works for him and not for MVP or TNA and that the only time Abyss will be in the ring is when Magnus is in the ring. MVP says that is great because he is going to give The Monster a shot at the TNA World Title and they will both be in the ring that way. Plus there is one guy who gets shafted in all this so next week it will be Magnus vs Abyss vs Samoa Joe.

With that out comes the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe says to MVP that he has only asked for one thing and that was to get a fair shot at the World Title and that the only thing he is hearing is a handicap match.

MVP says no it's a 3-way match and Joe tells MVP that MVP is about to have a problem controlling him. With that a short brawl breaks out between Joe and Magnus plus Abyss and MVP. Eric Young hits the ring and with that we take our first break of the night.

After the break EY is talking to MVP. EY says he created the problem with Abyss and he wants to be a part of the big match next week. MVP says that EY hasn't earned that shot. With that EY starts listing his accomplishments and that he is a World Class Professional Wrestler.

Joe gets on the mic and says that EY gets nothing until Joe gets his fair shot.

MVP likes that EY proves his points and says that it will be a 4-way match and Joe and EY start brawling in front of MVP. MVP calls in referees from the back to separate them and Joe challenges EY tonight. MVP validates the match for tonight and the 4-way match next week.

Bully Ray tells us that if Bobby Roode messes with the Bull you get the horn and that Roode had better bring a lot of tables.

The Wolves meet MVP in the back and want a match with Magnus and Abyss tonight!!!!

A quick clip from earlier today has EC3 and Spud looking for Willow "out in nature"

Spud is camouflaged and EC3 says they will attack Willow in his home.

1st out are The Wolves followed by the Champ Magnus and Abyss.

The Wolves vs Magnus and Abyss

Magnus show power moves and the Wolves show their quickness. Abyss gets into the mix with a double closeline from behind as we go to commercial.

As we come back Tenay and Taz are talking about next week's Fatal 4 Way while the tag match continues in the ring.

Edwards hit a nice hurricanrana on Magnus and Richards then nails both opponents with a drop-kick from the top rope. The Wolves show amazing teamwork and get the win when Magnus quickly taps out to single leg crab.

Abyss grabs the World Heavyweight Title belt and walks past Magnus.

Winners of the match: The Wolves

Angelina Love comes out and says that Velvet Sky and her have problems and calls her friend out to find out what the hell her problem is.

Velvet says that she's pissed and didn't sign up for what happened to Madison Rayne last week. Angelina proceeds to let Velvet know that she is nobody without Angelina. Angelina has some really good lines during her promo and tells Velvet that by the time Angelina's match tonight with Madison Rayne is over, that Velvet needed to pick a side.

Video about James Storm and Gunner "From the Beginning".

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