- E! Online has a preview of tomorrow's episode of Total Divas at this link. The article specifically previews Brie Bella confronting Summer Rae about comments she made to Daniel Bryan.

"You never f-----g pull someone's man aside privately and ask his thoughts on who you slept with," Brie said. "That is a slutty, classless thing to do."

Summer replied, "Yeah, I'm single, and yeah, I flirt, who cares? I'm not a whore."

- As noted earlier, Justin Roberts introduced Tool on stage at their concert in Phoenix, Arizona this past week. The Phoenix New Times has an article about the concert at this link, and mentions Roberts introducing the rock band.

- "The D-Lew Podcast" recently interviewed Afa Jr., who wrestled briefly in WWE as Manu. During the interview, Afa discussed his favorite wrestlers growing up.

"My favorite growing up as a fan was Bret Hart," he said. "I was a huge Bret Hart fan up until the point where he wrestled my cousin Fatu on Monday Night RAW in a singles match. My dad jumped up on the apron to cause some distraction and Bret dropkicked my dad and that was end me being a fan. I turned my back on him. But that was me being a fan."

Afa also discussed his working relationship with John Laurinaitis.

"Johnny Ace actually signed me. I was a Johnny Ace sign. I had a pretty decent relationship with him. I have nothing bad to say about him. I know a lot of the boys didn't like him."

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