- Fast 7 will resume production this week after Paul Walker was killed in a tragic car accident this past November. The Rock spoke to Yahoo! Movies about going back on set for the movie, and discussed how important it was to finish the project.

"It's very important for everybody involved, of course," Rock said. "It's not easy, and it's a challenge when you have something like this a beloved person. Paul, as you guys know, he was truly one of the good guys a great dude, who didn't take himself seriously, loved what he did, understood the business of the business. You got the real deal, genuine guy when you got him. So it's important for everybody to creatively honor him in the best way that we possibly can."

The article noted that the movie was about half complete when Walker died. It's expected that Walker's character will be "retired," and not killed off, and that body doubles will be used for his remaining scenes, with Walker's face then being transposed using CGI.

- David Otunga and his fiancee, Jennifer Hudson, were featured on the latest episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories. The couple talked about encountering a menacing supernatural being after moving into a new home.

- CultureMap has an interview with Meet Me There director Lex Lybrand and the film's writer, Brandon Stroud. The movie features Dustin "Goldust" Runnels, who was referred to in the story as the biggest casting break for the movie.

"He was my hero when I was 11," said Stroud. "And him being the son of former World Heavyweight Champion, 'The American Dream,' Dusty Rhodes, one of the greatest of all time, I was always attached to him."

"Wrestlers act a lot. It's a physical performance, but there's some acting to it. Some are spectacular at acting, and Dustin was always so good as a wrestling character you would wonder why he wasn't acting on screen. We had to cast this role of Preacher Woodward, and he was my pipedream."

Meet Me There releases this May.

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