Source: The Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Tribune has an interview with Lanny Poffo, who discussed his brother - "Macho Man" Randy Savage - repeatedly being snubbed for the WWE Hall of Fame. Poffo claims that there is bad blood between Savage and Vince McMahon, although he can't prove it.

Poffo claims that the bad blood started when Savage asked Vince to have his father - Angelo Poffo - participate in a legends battle royal in 1987, which Vince declined. Poffo said that Savage never forgot that.

"Randy really loved Vince until the battle royal," Poffo told Keith Elliot Greenberg of The Bleacher Report last year. "He felt really bad when Al Costello, who was one of Dad's best friends in wrestling, said, 'Where's your father? He should be here.' Randy never forgot about the battle royal. He felt guilty, like he should have done more. He'd belabor the point."

The bad blood continued when Vince wanted Savage to step aside and work behind the mic. Poffo said that Savage felt that he had more good years in the ring, and then proceeded to sign with WCW. Vince then aired the "Nacho Man" skits, which bothered Savage, but the one that really upset him was one where it was implied that Hulk Hogan had an affair with Miss Elizabeth.

Poffo said that Savage never forgave WWE for the skit and after WCW folded, Savage created the video below stating that he would steal Stephanie McMahon away from Triple H.

Poffo then said that Vince finally called Savage in 2010 about being inducted into the Hall of Fame, however Savage said that he would only be inducted if his brother and father were also inducted with him. WWE turned down the request.

Poffo was upset that the company never offered condolences to the family when Savage or his father, Angelo Poffo, passed away. They contacted Poffo about inducting Savage again in 2012, a year after he passed away, but Poffo said that he would honor Savage's wish to say yes only if the whole family was inducted. Poffo now seems willing to have his brother inducted without the rest of their family.

"This is for the fans," he said. "They want to honor Randy and see him get his respect. So if the WWE wants Randy in the Hall of Fame but not my father or me, they should do it."

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