Source: DirecTV

DirecTV has an interview with Daniel Bryan, who was promoting this Sunday's WrestleMania XXX pay-per-view. Here are a few highlights:

Hulk Hogan being back:

"The first day he came in that I met him. He came up to me, I said 'Hello sir, I'm Daniel Bryan' and he says, 'Yeah I know who you are. The 'Yes!' thing is awesome.' The little kid in you is saying 'Holy cow! Hulk Hogan just said I'm awesome!' So that's pretty cool. But I haven't talked to him much beyond that. [If he were to talk to him more] I would actually be interested to just listen to his stories. He has been around for some of the biggest moments in wrestling history. I'd love to ask him about WrestleMania III. That is an iconic moment, not just in wrestling, but in all entertainment Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant. I'd love to ask about Rocky III! All the kind of stuff. Little things that you always wanted to know."

Comparisons on his feud with The Authority to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's rise:

"I honestly don't think they are accurate. There are some similarities, like anyone who has had issues with authority figures in WWE. But I think our attitudes and how we handle things are different. It was a different era when Steve Austin was battling Vince McMahon. It's kind of similar, but to me they are way different."

Possibly main eventing WrestleMania this Sunday:

"That is what every wrestler who has ever wanted to step in the ring strives for. It's funny, 3 years ago, I would do radio interviews and people would ask me what my goal is, and it was to main event WrestleMania. People you are talking to are like "Oh, that's a nice little dream." But now here it is and it's within my grasp. That is literally when you are lying in bed as a 15-year old kid, and you are dreaming of being a wrestler that is what you are dreaming of. You want to be in the biggest match in the biggest show of the year. With 70,000 plus fans screaming. That's what everybody wants when they start this."

Bryan also discussed Brock Lesnar possibly ending the streak, appearing on Total Divas, his favorite WrestleMania match and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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