- Betfair Casino in New Jersey is now offering odds at WrestleMania XXX on the following:

* Will The Undertaker win?
* Who will win the Battle Royal?
* How many big boots and legdrops will Hulk Hogan deliver?
* How many times Hogan says "brother"
* Who will be champion at the end of the night
* Will CM Punk appear?

- Chris Jericho tweeted the following after appearing in The Authority's video on RAW last night:

"Welcome to Raw Is Jericho! Im the Best In The World At What I Do! U will never EVVVER be the same again! #cheapcatchphrases #guiltyascharged"

- WWE Diva Cameron noted on Twitter that she learned a dance routine with the Washington Wizards cheerleaders on Monday, likely in a segment for Total Divas. Below she is pictured with the Wizard Girls:

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