- Shawn Michaels will be appearing on Yeti's Ultimate Hunt this Thursday night at 9:30pm EST. The show airs on the Sportsman Channel. Below is a preview:

- FOXSports.com has a new article up on Brock Lesnar's UFC career and how it was cut short. Lesnar's friend The Rock commented:

"I don't know if anybody will ever accomplish what he's accomplished in the heavyweight division in that short amount of time. Had it not been for the unfortunate issue he had to deal with his stomach, who knows what could have happened if he continued to train, and continued to hone in on his skills. What he did was epic and historic."

- 2014 WWE Hall of Famer Mr. T was live-tweeting during last night's RAW and wrote about how he was excited for the Hall of Fame and is almost done writing his speech. Hulk Hogan is expected to induct T.

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