Sheamus took part in a WrestleMania Q&A on Twitter today, which was presented by Totinos. Here are some highlights:

Being in the ring with Roddy Piper: "Nostalgic and fun. Fella is unpredictable."

If there is any wrestler he fears: "No, would love to face @BrockLesnar"

His favorite Diva: "Victoria. (Lisa Marie Varon)"

Which Superstar impresses him most backstage: "@TrueKofi. One of the soundest lads you'd meet."

Drew McIntyre: "Great talent, underutilized."

Favorite WrestleMania moment: "[Randy] Savage pinning @MDMTedDiBiase at #WM4."

Which match "burns down the house" this Sunday: "@TripleH vs. Visit Wrestling Inc.@WWEDanielBryan."

Best finisher of all time: "Stone Cold Stunner. @SteveAustinBSR"

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt: "Interesting feud. Love the Wyatt characters."

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