- As noted earlier, the UFC is taking advantage of WrestleMania week by premiering a special retrospective on Brock Lesnar, which is available on their digital network, UFC Fight Pass. The special includes interviews from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock and Jim Ross. The UFC released the promo above with Steve Austin to hype the special, who talked about seeing Lesnar for the first time when he joined WWE.

"I remember seeing Brock Lesnar the first time he walked into the doors of WWE," Austin recalled. "All the boys were gathered around eating dinner and Brock Lesnar walks in. He might as well could have had a bolt on each side of his neck, because he looked like just a monstrous Frankenstein of a human being. You don't see guys like Brock Lesnar walk around every single day of your life."

- WWE has released two new albums on iTunes; a four disc compilation titled "The Music of WCW" featuring 45 tracks, and "WWE: The Federation Era" with 23 tracks. All tracks are performed by Jimmy Hart, and a majority of the songs have never been officially released.

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