One of our readers who is a volunteer for this year's WrestleMania AXXESS attended the orientation for volunteers tonight. Here are some notes and photos from Axxess:

All the volunteers received a pep talk and info from Lead Dog, the group that runs these events for the WWE (it was basically the dos and don'ts when working on the floor).

We had guest speakers for the training, Christian (Axxess host, not the wrestler), Ricardo Rodriguez and Hornswoggle. All three of them thanked us for volunteering to help out with the event.

We were told that the McMahon family has a habit of personally walking around the event to make sure everyone is having a great time.

It wasn't completely up yet, but the Undertaker's Graveyard is gonna be a showstopper. It's towards the front of the grounds and is very dark and ominous, I was able to peek in and saw they have the actual crypt that Paul Bearer was buried in cement in back at the GAB in 2006.

Wasn't able to get pictures of the 30 years of WWE memorabilia exhibit due to heavy guard presence, but it is very impressive and they have an unbelievable amount of stuff on display.

Here are photos from the arena:

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