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The Undertaker's streak is pretty much unbreakable, but for the first time I believe that it could conceivably end Sunday. The Undertaker will have to retire eventually, and he keeps limiting the dates he works, so much so that I have to believe that the end is near. Brock Lesnar is probably not the ideal guy to beat the streak, which should be reserved for a younger, up and coming star, but does Undertaker really have another Wrestlemania left in him? I'm really not sure.

The match should be a good one. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are very good ring psychologists, and although it may not be the quickest match, it should still be expected to be of the highest quality. The Undertaker is very meticulous in his preparation for his Wrestlemania matches and as long as it is given a good finish, the match should be really special.

It's hard to think that a John Cena match is flying under the radar, but that is exactly the case for his match against Bray Wyatt. This is a really refreshing change for Cena, especially around Wrestlemania time. Cena has wrestled in a world title match at every single Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 21, with the exception of Wrestlemania 28, where he worked the main event against The Rock. Seeing Cena not only out of the main event, but against an exciting younger star like Bray Wyatt is a breath of fresh air into his perpetually stale character and storylines.

One thing that is not clear about this match is why the heck does Cena keep talking about this match being about his legacy? Cena literally said the words "On Sunday, I'm not letting my career end that way." What the hell does that even mean? Is this suddenly become a match were Cena's career is on the line? This is Cena's lowest profile match since Wrestlemania 20, so if anything his legacy is not even close to being on the line compared to his previous matches. It just seems like a way for Cena and WWE to try and make the match more important than it really is.

The match should be alright, because any time Cena meets with a rival that the fans really can get behind (like his matches with Bryan and CM Punk) the match ends up being really good. I have to believe that Wyatt is going to claim the win. Cena really has nothing to gain by defeating Wyatt, just another bad guy that Cena slayed. Wyatt on the other hand, has everything to gain by deafeting Cena. Now, Cena may eventually get the best out of the feud, because frankly, he is John Cena and he tends to win a lot, but for Wrestlemania, Wyatt should probably pick up the victory.

The general undercard for the show is pretty underwhelming. The pre-show match will feature the tag team titles on the line, but not a lot of gusto went into the build-up. The Uso's are the recent champions, and their competition is pretty weak. Los Matadores are playful gimmick wrestlers, not really championship material, The Real Americans are close to a break-up and Ryback and Axel are just charisma-deficient bullies. If the match is quick and chaotic, like the match they had on Raw, it could actually be quite good, but it would be surprising if anyone other than the Uso's walk out the winners.

The Andre the Giant Battle Royal is a nice thought, but the execution of it has been sloppy. The winner gets a trophy, which is cool, but other than that, it just seems kind of pointless. It would be much better if the winner got a future title shot or something really impactful. Instead, WWE just got lazy with stars like Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry and Big Show, and through them all into a vegetable soup of a match with a bunch of jobbers.

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