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The six man tag is something that I am taking a great offense too. The Shield were totally heading towards an epic triple threat match at Wrestlemania, as they were clearly breaking up since the Royal Rumble. However, all of sudden they turned face and got back on the same page. It is being reported that the New Age Outlaws wanted to face The Shield before they broke up, and that is why this match is happening. Triple H, a noted friend of Gunn and James, did them a solid by letting them have this match. However, it puts The Shield, guys who were destined to have an epic showdown at Wrestlemania, into a meaningless match against Kane and the Outlaws, just so Triple H's friends can have a match at Wrestlemania. Triple H has a reputation of burying guys, something that he has openly acknowledged recently, but what really bothers me about his time in charge is decisions like this. He is more interested in putting his buddies into a good spot than having The Shield go at it at the biggest event of the year, which would be extremely beneficial to their careers, as Wrestlemania is always the most publicized event of the year.

The final and easily the least important match at Wrestlemania is the unbelievably poorly booked Diva's match. For starters, Vickie Guerrero, a supreme heel character comes out and makes this match out of the blue, a match that normally a face authority figure would make since it puts the heel champion in a bad position. Secondly, the match will have EVERY SINGLE DIVA ON THE MAIN ROSTER in the match. Many of the women in the match are either incompetent workers, or have done nothing to deserve a title shot. Aksana is 3-34 in 2014, and she somehow got a title shot. Instead of having a Naomi/AJ match that could end up actually being decent, they have some form of ridiculous, 13 person, one fall match which is destined to be a botchfest. This is just another example of WWE being more concentrated on Total Divas and marketability than actual wrestling based content.

The ceiling for this Wrestlemania probably isn't that high, but that doesn't mean that it can't be a good show. Last year, I predicted that Wrestlemania would be a sleeper hit and would shock everyone with its quality, which I was clearly incorrect about. This year I'm not that optimistic about the show, but the reality is that Wrestlemania is pretty much always exciting leading up too, and during a majority of the show. We will leave the reactions to the aftermath.

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