Views From The Turnbuckle: Wrestlemania Preview, Predictions, Analysis And More

Views From The Turnbuckle: Wrestlemania Preview, Predictions, Analysis And More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
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Ah, Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania, no matter how bad we think the show may end up being, is still the most exciting time to be a wrestling fan. Sure, the card may look a little weak, and build-up may have been a little dry, but even so, Wrestlemania has so much history, and its reputation is so great, that even if we end the night shaking our hands and wondering why, we must still remember that throughout the four hours, we were remarkably entertained.

If there is something positive to say about this show it is that it is at least unpredictable. That unpredictability starts with the main event, where there are a number of fairly realistic possibilities.

The first possibility is that Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H in their match, and then overcomes the odds in the main event and wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ideally, this is the reality that fans would most like to see. Bryan certainly deserves his title reign, and the fans have longed to see him actually be the champion for an extended period of time. Also, WWE has a documentary crew following Bryan this weekend for a show that will premiere on the network, which has to be a positive sign, because there isn't one following Batista or Randy Orton.

Another, less likely possibility, is that Triple H defeats Daniel Bryan and HE wins the world title. The reasoning behind this move, is that Triple H seriously feels that neither Orton or Batista can be the dominant heel champion that the company needs. Admittedly, HHH going on a powertrip and booking himself to be champion WOULD get him a ton of heat, more than Batista and Orton could ever get. I don't think it is particularly likely that this would happen, but I do believe that it is within the realm of possibility.

The final possibility for the main event is that Bryan against wins his match against Triple H, only to have The Game screw him in the main event, allowing Batista to pick up the pieces and claim the title. As an individual, Batista is a wholly underserving performer to become the world champion, but there is no doubt about it that he gets a ton of heat, and him walking into the title thanks to HHH screwing Bryan would only increase that heat. In theory, it would give WWE a super-heel champion, and fan the flames of the Bryan/HHH feud. As disappointing as it would be, in the long run WWE could convince itself that this is the right move.

For what its worth, and I have no definable proof of this, I do think that Batista may have agreed to come back if only he was guaranteed the world title. How else could you explain the ridiculous decision to have him win the Rumble and main event Wrestlemania? I may be completely off-base on this hypothesis, but it is something to think about heading into Wrestlemania.

As for the match from a quality standpoint, I wouldn't expect anything tremendous. Even if Daniel Bryan were to make it into the main event, him and Orton have failed to do anything great together, despite the reputations of each men as being elite talents. Working with a slug like Batista will only further complicate matters. If Triple H makes it into the main event, then forget about it. The crowd will be booing the entire time and the match will be worked at a snail's pace.

The Bryan vs HHH match will take place early in the card, and I wouldn't rule it out as the shows opener. As a match, despite all the hype it is getting, I'm not expecting a classic. Daniel Bryan has worked the best when he is allowed to work a more independent style. This means a very quick pace, lots of back and forth, plenty of quick near falls and only a sprinkling of really high impact moves. Triple H, over the last couple years, has wreslted the exact opposite of that. Very plodding, only a handful of moves and a lot of finishers and false finishes. Triple H physically is probably in good shape, but athletically I doubt he can hang with Bryan. HHH recently has only gotten mediocre matches out of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, and I expect more of the same on Sunday. Also, I guarantee this match ends up being a No Disqualification match by the time it takes place. Not counting his stupid matches with Curtis Axel, 8 out of the last 10 televised matches Triple H has partaken in have been some form of No Disqualification. It's a crutch he pretty much needs to get through his big matches, so expect it to happen again on Sunday.

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