- In the video above, John Pollock of The Fight Network catches up with The New Age Outlaws at AXXESS.

- Steven Muehlhausen of BetweenTheRopes.com spoke to Titus O'Neil this weekend in New Orleans. During the interview, Titus discussed being surprised by the reaction of Batista since his return to WWE.

"It's the wacky world of the WWE Universe," Titus said. "One minute they hate you and the next minute they can love you. It all really depends on the circumstances and depending what part of the country you go too. They'll love you even as a bad guy, they'll love you. So I think since this story has really in my opinion is really about Daniel Bryan fighting against the odds. He's been getting his ass handed to him for months and months at a time and people are tired of it. So I think the response like you said at Royal Rumble with him (Dave) was less about Dave and more about Daniel Bryan. So the YES Movement in my eyes is real. Triple h says he's gonna kill it at WrestleMania, but I don't see it happening, honestly. i's a very powerful thing."

O'Neil also discusses how Batista influenced to go to the WWE, his Florida Gators being in the NCAA Final Four and more, you can check out the full interview by clicking here.

- Muehlhausen also interviewed Daniel Bryan, who discussed where he would want his possible two matches on tonight's show.

"I'd want them back to back," Bryan admitted. "That's the way I like to do things. If I'm gunna do it, I'm gunna go full bore and I'm gunna go all out and I'm gunna do it once. That's what I would like. Whether or not it will actually happen, I don't know."

Bryan also discuss his altercation with Triple H a few months back, whether he feels more comfortable with all the attention and much more, the full interview is at this link.

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