Shane McMahon Talks Possibly Returning To WWE, Vince Talks Relationship With Shane, More

Shane McMahon Talks Possibly Returning To WWE, Vince Talks Relationship With Shane, More
Buzzfeed has a lengthy new article up on Shane McMahon with quotes from he and Vince McMahon. Below are some highlights:

Shane on rumors of a "civil war" that led to his WWE departure:
"No, there was no civil war. My sister is still involved in the company now with her husband Triple H. They're there. My dad is there. Things are moving forward."

Shane on working for his father:
"My dad held me to a different standard, without question, sometimes unfairly so and that's OK. It's tough to bat 1.000 all the time. It's that one wrong all the time. It teaches you. It definitely teaches you. It's a way of teaching."

Vince on his relationship with Shane:
"When you have family in business, you expect more out of family, same with my daughter, same with my son-in-law, same with my wife, you just expect more from them. I think there's no doubt I was harder on Shane than a non-family member for sure. We're close, we've always been close and we always will be. Anytime there's family in business, there is some degree of difficulty but at the same time, you put the business part aside and when you have a relationship with a son and his father, those bonds you never break."

Shane on a possible return:
"Would I ever come back? I would never count it out because anything can happen in the WWE."

Shane on possibly running the company one day:
"It's in my blood. I would answer, if I feel it's the right time and I could make a significant difference, I would consider it."

Vince on a Shane return:
"It was Shane's decision to go out on his own,and it will be Shane's decision to come back, if he wished to."

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