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After 21 consecutive matches at WrestleMania without a single loss, we now can say - the streak is done.

Was it to push a rising star? Nope. Was it to give the Undertaker a positive send-off? Nope. Was it even at the conclusion of a good match? Nope.

This was one of the worst possible ways to break the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. The entire time, I was waiting for the match to reach some kind of fever pitch, but it flatlined every time. This was the second decade-themed WrestleMania that Lesnar bombed in a match (XX vs. Goldberg), but this one he achieved a feat that no one else could.

Sadly, this was the worst match of the night. Yes, even the thrown-together Divas Invitational and Andre the Giant battle royal matches were better. There were a number of miscues, the match dynamic was just awful, and the match was lifeless and lethargic for most of the time. Brock Lesnar does not have the ability to carry the limitations that Undertaker has. That is why many worried that this match was not going to be very good, but the build-up created an illusion that it was going to be. Unfortunately, it was just an illusion.

Winning this match does absolutely nothing for Brock Lesnar. He has the ability to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at a drop of a dime, so it does not create some kind of meteoric rise. It is a bell that you can never unring, so we had to indulge the streak being broken in such a anti-climactic and lackluster way.

Forget Roman Reigns, Cesaro or Bray Wyatt - the three superstars of the future that could have catapulted their career to unchartered heights by defeating the Undertaker. Instead, in someone's mind, Brock Lesnar was the perfect choice to defeat the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Mind you - this is not 2002 Brock Lesnar. It is a stiffer, less athletic 2014 version.

And what about the projected matches at WrestleMania against Sting and John Cena? Forget about it. There is no reason for the Undertaker to even step foot in a WrestleMania ring again. The streak was his lifeline. Now it has been pulled. Therefore, his WrestleMania career is dead. Both Sting and John Cena could have been billed as legitimate threats to Undertaker's streak, but in the end, Taker would have found a way to keep the streak alive for good.

WWE could have had a Rocky Marciano. Instead, they chose the route of Wichita State. All for $9.99.

Here's to 21 wins (and 1 loss).

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