Views From The Turnbuckle: Wrestlemania Review, Something To Remember

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar- ***1/2 (3.5 stars)

And here we arrive at arguably the biggest shock in Wrestlemania history. A problem with WWE recently is that they had produced some Wrestlemanias that failed to have anything truly memorable in it. What set Wrestlemania 29 apart from Wrestlemania 28? Honestly, not a whole lot. With the streak finally coming to an end, and Daniel Bryan reaching the top of the mountain, Wrestlemania 30 will surely not have that problem.

On July 17th, 1941, Joe DiMaggio failed to get a hit against the Cleveland Indians. All streaks must come to an end, otherwise, they might not as well be streaks. On Thursday, I predicted that there was a chance that the streak could end Sunday, and amazingly, I was right. The Undertaker, and this match is a good example of it, just doesn't have the athleticism anymore to live up to his own lofty standards, and the streak is over only because The Undertaker's career is soon to be over. The streak had to end, and although having a younger guy needing a stabilizing accomplishment on their resume would have been a better fit, losing to Brock Lesnar is not necessarily being jobbed on.

I will have a lot more on this Thursday in my usual column, but I will say that I agree with the choice to end the streak. It took some cojones to decide to end the streak, and it will be a moment that every single wrestling fan will remember for the rest of their lives. I suppose that The Undertaker will be on Raw tomorrow, and confront Lesnar, and they could even meet at Extreme Rules, where The Undertaker wins and he retires from wrestling. And we will all love it.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt-*3/4 (1.75 stars)

This match stands out as the biggest disappointment on the card, because my expectations were very high for this match, and they completely blew it tonight. What did John Cena accomplish by beating Wyatt tonight? That he stayed true to himself? How lame is that? It was disgraceful to see Cena not only beat Wyatt, but destroy his character and overcome every attempt at outside interference in the process. What happened to Bray was tonight was an absolute disgrace.

Wyatt is a young guy, with a dynamite character and a truckload of talent. He was lacking a really significant victory that would propel him into the main event, and a win over Cena would have been exactly what he needed. Wyatt not only would have pushed his way further up the card, and he would have had a much more exciting rematch with Cena if he beat him the first time.

Instead we got Super-Cena overcoming the odds AGAIN on the biggest stage in wrestling. I don't mind Cena getting the better of the feud, as long as Wyatt had established himself. I wouldn't have even really minded Cena winning the match, as long as Wyatt looked like the better man and lost on a fluke. But instead, we got Cena taking out the entire group by himself and no-selling Wyatt's character, not even embracing the him for a moment and coming up like the stand-up guy he has always been. Someone get me a vomit pouch. Bray could pick up a win on Raw, or even at Extreme Rules, but Wrestlemania is the most watched, most talked about wrestling event of the year, and a win on Raw does not even compare on the level of impact it could have had on his career.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal-**3/4 (2.75 stars)

This was more entertaining than I thought it was going to be. It started off really bad, as there were way too many people in the ring at once and nobody had any idea what the hell was going on. When things cleared out though, WWE did the right thing. First, they let guys like Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro doing amazing athletic maneuvers, which is never fails to amaze. Also, going away from predictability and making Cesaro look amazing on the big stage was 100% the right move to make.

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