Views From The Turnbuckle: Wrestlemania Review, Something To Remember

Kane and The New Age Outlaws vs The Shield- DUD (0 stars)

I said this match was going to be a joke, and it was actually was worse than I anticipated. The Shield could have had an epic triple threat match against each other that would have tore the house down, but instead we got a crappy match that was shorter than Triple H's entrance. A huge mistake by WWE.

Vickie Guerrero Invitational- * (1 star)

This is a match that could have been awful, but the girls worked hard and turned it into a passable match by Diva's standards. There were some botches, but there also were some decent spots, and AJ Lee tricking the referee into thinking Naomi tapped was a really clever idea. One thing that makes no sense is AJ's feud with Vickie Guerrero. Vickie is supposed to be this reprehensible person, someone that organically gets so much heat from the crowd, yet we are now supposed to be rooting for her? What kind of logic is that?

Finally some quick hits:

- I didn't watch the tag team title match because 5 hours is just too much to ask from me WWE, I hope you can understand

- Paul Orndorff's mustache was probably one of the five best things about that show. Holy smokes, that was something deserving of the title "Wonderful."

- Backstage segments overall, were pretty good. Wrestlemania always is a good opportunity to see some classic bits.

- The opening promo was a nice touch. Sure, Hogan was god awful on the mic and it was weird to have the first 30 minutes of Wrestlemania devoid of wrestling, but it was a nice way to honor three of the top guys in Wrestlemania history and emphasize the 30th anniversary aspect of Wrestlemania. It was cool to have them point out Bruno, Backlund, Bret and the other major players as well.

To wrap things up, I believe WWE did a pretty solid job tonight. Wrestlemania 29 was a disappointment as far as quality went, but WWE delivered tonight. Bryan going over and The Undertaker losing are two tremendous, Wrestlemania worthy moments that we will all remember, which is what makes Wrestlemania special.

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