Full WWE Network Schedule For Thursday - New WWE NXT And Superstars, Old School, More

- Below is the full schedule for Thursday, day 46 of the WWE Network launch:

12am EST - WrestleMania 6
4am EST - RAW Flashback - 10/24/1993
5am EST - ECW Hardcore TV - 10/11/1993
6am EST - Old School - 10/21/1984 Maple Leaf Gardens event
7am EST - WCCW TV - 1/23/1983
8am EST - Legends of Wrestling - Most Important Moments
9am EST - RAW Flashback - 10/24/1993
10am EST - RAW Flashback - 10/31/1993
11am EST - WCCW TV - 2/26/1983
12pm EST - Old School - 8/26/1988 Philadelphia event
1pm EST - WCW Spring Stampede 1994
4pm EST - Legends of WrestleMania replay
5pm EST - WWE Countdown - Infamous Gimmicks
6pm EST - Best of RAW - 1/10/1993
7pm EST - Beyond The Ring - The nWo
8pm EST - WWE Main Event replay
9pm EST - WWE NXT new episode
10pm EST - WWE Superstars new episode
11pm EST - WWE Main Event replay

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