- ESPN host Colin Cowherd spoke about the death of The Ultimate Warrior, which you can watch above, and noted how a lot of wrestlers die way too young. He also essentially said that his passing shouldn't be all that surprising considering the lifestyle of a pro wrestler.

"The story behind the story is ... drugs, painkiller, HGH ... it's the roll of the dice that pro wrestling dudes with limited options not good enough to play pro sports [take]," Cowherd said, via TMZ.

- In a related note, as noted yesterday, Nancy Grace is catching a lot of well deserved backlash for a segment she had last night on the death of the Ultimate Warrior. Grace spoke about wrestlers dying of steroids and illegal drugs, and while she was discussing it, a list of wrestlers who died young was shown which included Owen Hart, who died during a stunt on a WWE pay-per-view in 1999. I included Twitter reactions from Zeb Colter and The Iron Sheik, and wanted to apologize for posting Sheik's offensive comment. We have removed it from the article.

It should be noted that Grace's list was not of wrestlers who died of steroids and drugs, but that died young. However, the fact that it was shown while she was talking about wrestlers who died of drugs implied that it was how those wrestlers passed away. She really should put out a statement and apology clearing that up.

- Scott Hall posted this great painting of The Ultimate Warrior meeting Randy Savage again:

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