#WrathofDixie is how we were left hanging last week and the preview of this week's show said the same thing.

Dixie shown walking in the arena and says she has a lot to say, just not now.

MVP announces that Samoa Joe had informed the TNA office that he wasn't available for the ten man TNA Gauntlet Match and that the match starts NOW!

First In the Ring: James Storm

Next: Gunner

These two former partners go at it in the aisle even before Gunner reaches the ring. These two will compete against each other for 2 minutes before the next competitor enters, until all 10 men have joined the match. Elimination is over the top rope and feet hitting the floor.

Next: Bobby Rude

Roode and Storm work together against Gunner. These two former partners are totally focused on putting Gunner out of the ring when we hear the next intro music.

Next in: Bully Ray

Storm and Roode continue to work together on Bully Ray until Bully nails them both with a huge double clothesline. Now it's Gunner and Bully Ray's turn to work together.

Next Competitor: Ethan Carter III

Announcers mention that Kurt Angle tweeted today that EC3 should be looking over his shoulder and that you never know where Angle will be. Still no one has been eliminated.

Now its: Bobby Lashley

Lashley focuses at first on Bobby Roode. After that, the 3 "faces" face off against the 3 heels even though this is an every man for himself match.

Next Up: Abyss

As Bully and Lashley are about to eliminate Abyss, Magnus makes an appearance and heads to the announce table as we go to our first break.

Entered during the break: Sanada

Magnus at the announce table and .....

Next out: Eric Young

Finally it's: Willow

They continue to refer to Willow as the alter ego of Jeff Hardy instead of letting the Willow persona go on it's own.

Rockstar Spud is out in a wheelchair. As Willow is about to suplex EC3 out of the ring, Spud gets out of the chair and pulls Willow to the floor.

1st Eliminated: Willow

2nd Elimination is: Sanada by Abyss

After a super kick from Storm, Roode puts Lashley out.

Bully Ray takes out Bobby Roode for the next elimination

Roode from the outside and EC3 from inside the ring elimnate Bully Ray.

Storm takes out Gunner after a super kick.

EY is nearly eliminated but holds on flips EC3 out of the ring.

Down to 3 - Storm, EY and Abyss.

Young takes control of both Storm and Abyss until Storm takes control back. After a few awesome moves by Storm, EY suprises Storm and the Cowboy is eliminated.

It's Abyss vs Eric Young in the final two. The two go at a for a couple of minutes until they both nearly hit the floor. EY then eliminates the monster Abyss with a clothesline over the top rope.

EY then calls out MVP for a special request.

After the break, MVP comes out and EY says that even though his arm is hurt, he's been waiting 10 years for a title match and wants it tonight.

MVP says to Magnus, who is still at the announce table, that Magnus needs to go to his private locker room and suit up because Magnus will be facing Eric Young. Magnus is cocky about "Magnus Rules" but MVP says no Magnus Rules and that Abyss is banned from the ring. Anyone else who interferes in the match will be fired.

In the back, Dixie enters and Spud (with no wheelchair) welcomes his "queen" back. Dixie reminds Spud that he sold out to MVP and walks out to find MVP. Willow comes in the room and trashes the place.

Knockouts match in up next.

Match to determine the Number 1 contender for the Knockouts Title:

Gail Kim vs Brittany vs Angelina Love vs ODB

The only intro we see is the Beautiful People with Velvet Sky accompanying Angelina to the ring.

Tenay mentions that Love is a record tying 5 time Knockout Champion, just like Madison Rayne, but Angelina hasn't held the title since 2010. This match is first pin or submission gets the win.

ODB this thrown to the floor leaving the other three to square off. They are certainly showing that each is out only for themselves.

As Brittany is about to be pinned ODB comes back to the ring to break it up and she takes control of Love and Kim as Brittany is on the outside. All 4 competitors take their turn in control of the match.

Gail Kim is at the ropes and Velvet Sky sprays perfume in Kim's eyes and Angelina rolls Kim up for the win.

Winner and Number 1 contender for the Knockout's Title: Angelina Love

MVP in the back when Dixie walks in. They bicker back and forth until Dixie says she's there to handle the one disgruntled wrestler who caused this mess and "invites" MVP to sit in the front row while she chews the disgruntled wrestler up and spits him out so that MVP will know how it feels when she does it to him.

MVP says I'll bring the popcorn.

Back from the break, The Wolves walk in and sees that Robbie is not with the Bro Mans. Robbie has had plane issues and isn't there. After saying that TNA travel confirmed the travel issue, MVP notices both belts there and says there will be a match for the tag team belts. Robbie has until bell time to get there or Zema takes his place.

Dixie is on her way to the ring and wastes no time calling out Bully Ray.

Don't forget the hashtag #WrathofDixie.

Crowd is chanting We Want Tables and then We Don't Like You to Dixie.

Bully reminds Dixie that she didn't show up to their last meeting. She interrupts and says it was Bobby Roode who suckered in Bully and then put Bully through not 1, not 2, but 3 tables last week.

Dixie wants to know why Bully double crossed her and caused her to lose control of her company. Bully says it's never been her company but belongs to the fans. Dixie keeps up about her company and Bully says that whether the fans and the people in the back like him or hate him they respect him.

Bully is about to say, Do you know.... when Dixie grabs his mic and says do you know who I am, I'm Dixie Carter and I'm still your boss then slaps him. Bully backs her up when Bobby Roode attacks Bully from behind.

Dixie tells Roode to get a table which he does. Bully comes back and is about to put Roode through the table with a Bully bomb but Roode escapes, leaving Bully in the ring with Dixie and a table.

Taz reminds us that Bully has put a woman through a table in the past as we go to break.

Back from the break, Dixie is in the back and Magnus is asking why she hasn't given him any attention. She was there for one reason and it wasn't him. She reminds him that he told EC3 that he didn't need Dixie so good luck tonight ON HIS OWN.

World Tag Team Title Match: The Bro Mans vs The Wolves

The Wolves are out first and then it's announced that it's DJ Z and Jesse Goddard to defend the belts.

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards work well together to start the match but Zema and Goddard come back. The Wolves show excellent teamwork but DJ Z shows a surprising lack of ring rust and holds his own.

Richards nails Jesse with a missile drop kick and then moves when Zema tries to hit Richards and actually hits Goddard. It looks like The Wolves are going to get the win when Robbie comes out from the back in full wrestling gear and gets The Bro Mans disqualified.

Winners of the match by DQ: The Wolves - however the titles don't change hands.

Christy Hemme calls out Samuel Shaw to talk about her Tweet about committment. Christy tells the crowd that he is not a creepy bastard. She says things are complicated and that Samuel is just misunderstood.

Shaw says he is glad that she has seen the light. Christy asks if he will do anything for her or go anywhere he asks in a very seductive manner. She says close your eyes and "feel" me.

Shaw closes his eyes as we see a psychiatric services van arrive and Mr Anderson gets out comes to the ring and lays the Creepy Bastard out. Anderson grabs Shaw and the mic and says the commitment that Christy was talking about was a commitment to the funny farm.

Anderson throws Shaw out of the ring and the crowd sings - goodbye. Anderson throws Shaw in the back of the van, but the Creepy Bastard escapes.

World Heavyweight Title match is next.

Back from the break, Willow challenges Spud and EC3 to a handicapped match next week.

Out first the the championship match is Eric Young. They show video of how EY tweaked his right arm eliminating Abyss during the 10 man elimination match earlier tonight.

The champ, Magnus is out next and Tenay reminds us that no one can help Magnus.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Magnus vs Eric Young

This match was supposed to be at Sacrifice, but EY asked for it tonight. Both Tenay and Taz question whether or not it was a good idea for EY to do what he did, especially with the injured arm.

The injury doesn't keep EY from his normal reckless style, but that backfires and Magnus throws him shoulder first into the steel steps as we go to break.

Magnus continues to take advantage of the impact of the visit EY took with the steel steps,and the obviously injured and weakened EY is in serious trouble especially after a draining camel clutch.

EY seems to get a 2nd wind and goes high risk with a flying elbow of the top rope. Magnus barely kicks out and then Magnus gets a near fall on EY with a driver. Magnus brings the belt in the ring but uses it to distract the referee and hits EY with a low blow. EY kicks out at the last second.

After several near falls from each superstar, EY hits Magnus with a devastating pile driver and gets the 1-2-3, and we have a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner of the match and new Heavyweight Champion of the World - Eric Young.

The crowd goes nuts as Jeremy Borash announces the new World Champion. Taz says Young did the unthinkable and Tenay says, "What a moment April 10, 2014 Eric Young crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Damn he did it".

To Recap the night,

We start with a 10 Man Gauntlet Elimination Match with Bobby Lashley, Eric Young, Sanada, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Gunner, Bully Ray, Willow, EC3 and Abyss. This is to determine who will face Magnus at Sacrifice.

EY is the surprise winner when he clotheslines Abyss out while managing to stay in the ring himself. EY then calls out MVP and gets MVP to give him his title shot later tonight.

In a match to determine the #1 contender for the Knockouts Title, Angelina Love defeats Brittany, ODB and Gail Kim after Velvet Sky interferes and sprays perfume in Kim's eyes and Love gets the pin.

Dixie calls out Bully Ray to confront him about double crossing her and allowing MVP to gain control of her company. After Bobby Roode ambushes Bully and brings a table in the ring, Roode has to escape himself and leaves Dixie alone with Bully in the ring with a table.

In a Tag Team Title match, The Wolves get a DQ win over Jesse and DJ Zema so the Bro Mans keep their titles.

Samuel "The Creepy Bastard" Shaw escapes from the Psychiatric Services van after Christy Hemme and Mr. Anderson try to have him committed to the funny farm.

Willow challenges Rockstar Spud and EC3 to a handicap match next week.

We finish with an injured, tired, and worn down Eric Young winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with a pile driver on Magnus.

Thanks again this week for spending time with us here on WrestlingInc.com. This is Ed Boston, co-founder of DTRTWrestling.com saying goodnight.

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