This past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, Eric Young shocked the viewing audience by defeating Magnus to commence his first reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This is something he has waited 10 years for, as he joined the TNA roster in 2004.

Since then, he was won every other title in TNA, even co-holding the Knockouts tag team title with his "wife," ODB. Until Thursday, the only title that was left to complete the puzzle was the world title. Now, the puzzle is complete, and he can officially include himself in the list of the most accomplished wrestlers in TNA history.

This has not been an easy road for Young in any stretch. From a blond haired member of Team Canada, to a pyro-paranoid misfit, to a cape-wearing superhero, to a top heel faction leader and faction member of an nWo replica, to a beard-toting eccentric fan favorite, Young has been through the gamut of characters throughout his TNA tenure.

I do not think there is any dispute that "EY" should represent TNA as its world champion. Saying that he paid his dues is an understatement, and he has been consistently over as both a face an a heel. His in-ring skills are very good, and mic work is above average as well.

I say kudos to TNA in deciding to make Eric Young TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Their storyline building has never been anything to mimic, so presenting a high degree of shock value in crowning someone champion with a build primarily from one show is the way to go. It reminds me of when Chris Jericho defeated Triple H on Raw to become the unofficial WWE Champion. The underdog crowd favorite causes the spectators to erupt, which is a tried and true successful method of getting someone over. Now, one of the biggest underdogs in TNA history is now the top dog.

Now, its your turn to chime in - Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on the decision to make Eric Young TNA World Heavyweight Champion? Sound off below.

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